A day in the life of – Andrea Tantrum

Andrea is our Business Development Manager based at our Burton office. She’s a bit like the Mother of the business – looking after people,giving advice where needed and occasionally the odd joke that shocks the whole office…

Andrea’s morning starts with a quick swim in their new indoor pool, followed by Salmon and scrambled Egg on toast made by her other half Sam… Then she wakes up and it’s all a dream.
The funny thing is, if she told this to someone they’d probably believe her – Andrea is a woman with expensive taste, made clear by the fact she drives around in her Citroen C1…

The success or failure of Andrea’s day hinges on one simple fact – where she is working. The Burton office is only a 10 minute drive from her Mansion, but when it’s a day in Rotherham it can take anything up to 2 hours, made worse by the fact you can’t go that fast in a C1! (Well, with that being said the points have started to rack up…)

Before any commuting Andrea must shower, brush her teeth, get dressed, put her “face” on and sort her hair out. Andrea is a proud mother of 2 sons and their cat Leo, however Leo is a lucky cat he’s made it this far. On average Andrea gets the impulse to strangle it 7 times a day. Her morning routine is occupied with Leo, feeding him, letting him out, letting him back in, letting him out again and then the briefest meow to just let Andrea know he’s doing it on purpose to wind her up. Question is, do cats really have nine live? For Leo’s sake we hope so! Andrea loves to catch a glimpse of Piers Morgan on GMTV before she leaves her house ready for the day. A glimpse is more than enough for her, Piers is an “acquired taste” so to speak.

Andrea has either one of two things, either the gift of the gab, or verbal Diarrhoea. She can talk until her voice box is about to burst! In terms of a sales asset, she’s truly gifted. Making friends with all her clients new and old, she has a personal record when it comes to sales. She once went from not knowing a DM to friending them on Facebook within 2 days. If that’s not relationship building we don’t know what is…  Andrea’s life is dominated by Sales. She is the Business Development Manager for the company, and her morning is mapped out calling clients and her son to check in on his University progress.

Lunch time at the Rotherham office is a special time of day. The local Cafe will go down in Cafe history – The Larder. The Larder holds a special place in Andrea’s heart. She pops in for her standard salad cob… or as it’s more commonly know “up north”  bread cake, it’s all a little confusing for Andrea. She thinks she really needs to start bringing her own lunch as she never knows if she is ordering a sandwich, bread cake, cob or roll, and you thought sales was confusing! It’s got nothing on ordering a sandwich up North.

In the afternoon Andrea is off to see a new potential client, and over a Latte they discuss the client’s requirements, problems they have faced in the past with temporary staff, and how Essential can provide a 1st class service.  After negotiating prices and friending each other on Facebook and Instagram, they come to an agreement that both parties are happy with, so back to the office to tell them the good news and to more importantly like their profile picture!

Andrea has never gambled in her life, but she does put money on the motorway millions. The chances of winning are slim, the quantity of people joining is large and the rewards are awful. Yes, the M1 lottery. Sometimes it’s busy, sometimes it’s quiet but with Smooth Radio blaring away and Andrea “singing ” along the journey isn’t too bad at all.

Andrea arrives home and one thing is certain, letting the cat out, back in and out again starts again.

She hopes Sam will cook dinner tonight, but miracles don’t grow on trees…