HR Essentials Limited – Gender Pay Gap for snapshot date 5th April 2020


Recently introduced legislation requires businesses with over 250 employees to produce gender pay gap information. This data should be submitted by the 4th of April each year and should relate to the data held as a snapshot from the 5th April in the previous year.

The data attached relates to the snapshot date of 5th April 2020 and includes our temporary workforce as well as our directly employed staff. The data attached has been signed off by the directors of HR Essentials and the figures reached are from the mechanisms set out by the legislation.

The difference in mean pay between men and women

The female mean hourly pay is 3.02% lower


The difference in median pay between men and women

The female median hourly pay is 1.93% higher

The difference in mean bonus pay between men and women

The female mean bonus pay is 279.43% higher

The difference in median bonus pay between men and women

The female median bonus pay is 385.26% higher

Proportion of males and females who received a bonus payment.

Female = 13.18%

Male = 8.83%

The proportion of males and females in each of the 4 pay quartiles

Pay Quartile Male % Female %

0 to 25% – Lower Quartile 68.47% 31.53%
26 to 50% Lower Middle Quartile 67.42% 32.58%
51 to 75% Upper Middle Quartile 67.42% 32.58%
76 to 100% Upper quartile 62.44% 37.56%


The pay data above is taken from a snapshot date of the 5th of April 2020 and the bonus data is taken over the 12 months from 6th May 2019 to 5th April 2020. The differences in pay are derived from the different working roles within the organisation which are required by our clients, our business also has a higher proportion of female senior staff, hence the percentage differences in pay and bonus.
As a business we take every care that there is zero discrimination and we are fully compliant in all the legislation that set out before us. We are an equal opportunities employer which our clients are made aware of.

Our next report will be due on or before the 4th of April 2022.