9 Benefits of Signing up to a Recruitment Agency

Not sure how using an agency could be beneficial to your job search?

Here are some reasons to consider when you’re looking for your next role:



1. Be the first to know about new vacancies

Did you know not all of our roles make it to the website?! We often fill vacancies by offering them to candidates who are already registered on our system, before advertising them online.


2. Join our mailing list

Keep up to date on upcoming open days and inductions as well as company updates, new vacancies, new companies we’re working with and more through our email updates.


3. Back up option

Just been made redundant and you need work quick? Started a new job but feel it’s not for you? If you’re in a situation where you’re in need of work asap, already being registered with an agency means all of your checks like right to work, visa checking etc. have been completed and they can place you into work straight away.


4. While you’re seeking another role

Agency work is a great way to be working while you’re seeking another role or studying. This way you can be earning money and sticking into the routine of being at work while looking for the long term role you’re seeking.


5. Improve your interview skills

Consultants at agencies can give you constructive feedback if you have been unsuccessful with a company you have been interviewed at, to help you improve next time you are sent for an interview.


6. Broadens your job opportunities

Some companies only use agencies, rather than recruiting in-house. By using an agency this gives you the option to be able to work for more local companies within your area.


7. Try something new

Curious about trying a new role or working within a different sector? Temporary placements are a great way to try different jobs and shift patterns to understand what suits you best, so when you’re searching for that long term role, you know exactly what you’re looking for! Plus, you never know, you may be placed into work and enjoy it so much you decided to accept a permanent contract with the company!


8. Gain work experience and skills

Have you recently left education? Needing seasonal work while at university? Being out in the big wide world of work can be overwhelming, especially if you are still unsure of the type of career you want. By signing up to an agency you can be placed into temporary roles to help you gain work experience and build up your CV. This is a great way to learn new skills, understand the expectations of being within a working environment, network and meet new people and gain financial responsibility.


9. Spec you out to companies

Did you know even if an agency isn’t recruiting for the exact position you’re looking for they can spec you out to companies? Agencies work very closely with their clients and may see an opportunity where one of their contacts would be interested in hiring someone with your specific expertise and skills.



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Signing up to an agency is free! Why not give it a try? 

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