The Essential Values

Our Identity

2022 was our first year as Employee Owners, giving us a new way of thinking, a bigger sense of purpose within OUR company and an even bigger goal.


Who are Essential?

“We are Employee Owners who take pride in our consistency, commitment and quality for every client, candidate and colleague. Together, we succeed”


Our Key values:

Consistency, Commitment, Quality and Togetherness.


That’s what we stand for.

Our Values

We will consistently…
We commit to… 
We ensure quality by… 
Together, we…

Work to understand our candidates & find work in their best interest


Develop client relationships & work together to improve our partnership


Develop our team by understanding strengths and weaknesses


Help and support candidates in an empathetic way

Good communication; being truthful and transparent – in every situation


Delivering on our promises


Being honest, open and ethical


Consulting with clients to solve problems & improve the working environment

Being driven and passionate

about what we do


Taking ownership of our desk, our clients and our workload


Showing appreciation to candidates as though they were our colleagues


Implementing forward thinking solutions to pre-empt our clients problems; We’re an extension of their business


Offering flexibility to our staff when outside circumstances challenge the 9-5

Working as a team internally, looking out for each other


Have a voice; Everyone should be seen, heard and valued


Thrive. Our temps are part of our extended workforce, and we’re part of our client’s business. We all rely on each other



What makes us unique?

We’re a big support network, and no-one has to struggle alone.


“I love working for Essential because the support throughout the company is amazing. Whether it’s home life or work, there is always someone there” – Beth L.

Everyone is treated like an adult here. It’s our company,

and we look out for each other. We understand that we all have personal life outside of the office and we work together to accommodate that.

“I’ve been able to take time off to have a family and be able to return to work whilst still being able to be a mum.” – Beth W

We appreciate eachother… even for all the daft stuff!

Every year we hold an awards ceremony to celebrate our

achievements, successes, personal development… and to mock our colleagues when they deserve it!!

Live, laugh, love… right?

Here, you work for yourself.


If you work hard, your rewards get bigger. You are not lining anyone else’s pockets. Our Directors no longer take a profit share… but the staff do!


We build the company we want to work for.