Mythbusting: 7 Things People Claim About Agencies That Aren’t True

We see many comments and claims about agencies and working for agencies that actually aren’t true! We wanted to clear up any confusion/misinformation that people may have heard in the list below:


1. “Agencies don’t care about their workers”

At Essential Recruitment we do very much care about our candidates, without our candidates we wouldn’t have a business! We enjoy helping job seekers in our local communities find work they enjoy and the rewarding feeling that comes with it!

Here are some examples of ways we show appreciation to our candidates:


Temp of the Month

To show acknowledgement of our hardworking candidates, every month we hold a Temp of the Month Competition where each branch nominates a temporary worker from one of their client’s who feels this person deserves recognition. Here are some of our recent winners:

Our Temp of the Month nominees are put forward with a nomination statement and our Facebook followers vote for their favourite, the winner receives a voucher and certificate!

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See all of our previous winners and nominees here


Permanent Contract Opportunities

At Essential Recruitment we’re more than happy for our candidates to accept permanent contracts at the company they’re working for if the company would like to make them a full time employee. Some of our candidate who have gained permanent contracts in the first 6 weeks of 2022:






Staff Surgeries

Our consultants conduct ‘Staff Surgeries’ on-site for private and confidential chats with our candidates. These surgeries allow our workers to voice any concerns or queries they have in the workplace or personal life to ensure their mental and physical wellbeing is ok. All communication is in confidence.


Gifting Hardworking Candidates

Over the years our branches have done various things to say thank you to our candidates. In the past this has included gifting a candidate with new trainers, providing lunch on-site or hiring food/ice cream trucks, gifting boxes of chocolates, Easter eggs, gift vouchers & more. Take a look below at some of our deserving candidates who we’ve rewarded:



2. “All agency work is Minimum Wage”

Not true! Yes we do recruit for roles that pay the National Minimum Wage, however, we also recruit for lots of roles that pay higher!


As of the 15th March, 302 of our current 381 jobs pay above the NMW.


PLUS! We only pay the 21+ rate as a minimum, unless specifically requested by a client to do otherwise, so 18-21 year old’s are receiving a higher rate per hour than working in retail or hospitality for example. 


You can search all of our roles that pay above the NMW here:

South Yorkshire







3. “Agencies take money off your wages and keep it for theirselves”

We take our service charge directly from the company, never from the candidate! We never deduct money from your wages. 



4. “Agencies charge you to find you work”

It’s a completely free service to jobseekers! We never charge candidates for our service and it is illegal to do so. 



5. “Agency work is just temporary”

Yes we do recruit for temporary placements, however we recruit for 4 different types of recruitment contracts, from temporary work to straight permanent placements.


As of the 15th March, 266 of our current 381 jobs offer permanent contracts, whether that’s through a temp to permanent placement or a straight permanent placement.


You can search our jobs with permanent contract opportunities here


Temp to Permanent Contracts

South Yorkshire






Permanent Contracts

South Yorkshire






Find out more about the different types of contracts within an agency here



6. “Agencies advertise fake jobs”

We never advertise jobs on our website that aren’t real. Each job placed on our website is from a booking we have received from one of our client’s.

In the month of March, we currently have 1184 people working for us who have been placed into real jobs.


Search our current vacancies at your local Essential branch:






Ripley + Long Eaton





7. “Agency workers don’t get treated as well as permanent staff!”

After a 3 month probation period, Agency Worker Regulations give you the right to equal pay, pension enrolment and paid annual leave. 



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