Hiring? Here’s How Our Marketing Department Could Assist You…

You may be familiar with working with recruitment agencies, but have you ever worked with an agency with an in-house marketing team?

If not, you may be unaware of the benefits it provides to work with an agency who have a dedicated team to advertise and promote your vacancies, including:

  • Saving money from outsourcing a marketing agency to help advertise for you
  • We have a monthly Indeed and Facebook budget where we can pay to sponsor your roles at no extra cost to you, saving you spending money to sponsor your adverts yourself to reach more job seekers
  • You don’t pay a penny for your advertising until the candidate is placed with you, compared to recruiting internally where you’ll be paying for your advertising from day one
  • We own and manage 32 job groups across Facebook with over 200,000 members that we are reaching free of charge every month


Below we have listed some of the many ways our Marketing team get involved with recruitment and work together to recruit candidates for your roles.


Meet the team!


What do we do?

Our in-house Marketing team are dedicated to advertising and creating maximum exposure on your job vacancies. Our team is responsible for the following in their day to day duties:

  • Posting your job adverts to our website and job boards
  • Creating promotional flyers
  • Video adverts
  • Open day and induction promotions
  • Website content and admin
  • Social media content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok
  • Creating email mailers to send out to our database


Plus! We are also responsible for…

  • Ordering banners to advertise outside your sites
  • Running a Temp of the Month competition (see below)
  • Running monthly Thinktank sessions (see below)
  • Running social media campaigns on jobs/clients
  • Creating marketing reports to track statistics on job performance
  • Managing 32 Facebook groups
  • Creating marketing material for job centre and job fair visits and events


Where do we advertise?


Our Facebook Presence


How does our Facebook presence benefit you?

Our in-house Marketing department advertises our roles across Facebook, where we are currently receiving an average of over 8,000 visits to our website per month from Facebook. At Essential, we own and manage our own Facebook Job Groups, this is beneficial to you as:

  • We are in control of what content is published within our groups. Similar job roles in the locations we recruit in aren’t being allowed into the groups, enabling us more access to the job seeking pool within the groups
  • We can schedule content to be published outside of our working hours including evenings and weekends, which may be seen by job seekers who aren’t active on Facebook during 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. It also means only our content will be seen as we aren’t approving posts from other employers outside of our working hours
  • We can pin posts to the top of the group so it is the first post someone sees when they enter the group
  • We can change the group cover photo to feature your vacancy(s)
  • We don’t have to wait for our posts to be approved, they are posted instantly compared to posting into groups we don’t own. Plus, many Facebook job groups have become dormant since the pandemic, but by managing our own groups we can make sure they are completely active
  • We are reaching all of these job seekers free of charge!


Onsite Visits

Over the past year our Marketing team have been getting more involved with working directly with our clients. They have been attending onsite visits and meetings to discuss Marketing strategy and create picture and video content to help promote the positions. These onsite visits also allow our team to gain a full understanding of the role, environment and expectations of the role so when they are advertising the vacancies they know exactly how to sell the role to job seekers.


Video Content

In 2021, Tom joined our Marketing team with experience in video editing and graphic design. Tom uses his skills to film and create videos that we use to advertise your roles. We have had some amazing success with placing candidates into roles since using video content, we believe this is because it gives the candidate an insight into the working environment and role expectations before applying for a role, in turn reducing walking off site and candidates leaving a role shortly after starting as it’s the role isn’t for them.

Here some of the successes we’ve experienced since using video content, we have shown below how many online applications were received after the video content was posted, this does not include how many people called or texted in about the position:


Here’s a snippet into the behind the scenes process of the video creation for a new client we started working with this year, the feedback we received from the client after the first initial meeting with Marketing was that he’s been using agencies for years and he’s not seen anything like this from an agency or worked with an agency with an in-house marketing department.

You can view more videos we have created for some of our clients here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/our-marketing-services-video-content/


Video Flyers

To utilise the video content to it’s full potential we also use short clips of the video footage to create moving video flyers, to give the option of having video and text within the flyer:



Animated Content

Want something a bit different to advertise your roles? Bored of the same old wallpaper ads? Well, thanks to the drawing and animation skills Tom brings to the team we have the ability to create eye catching moving adverts to attract job seekers to your roles.



Charity Donation 

Throughout the year we donate around £2500 to charities across South Yorkshire & the Midlands, raised by our staff through our ‘dress down Fridays’. We also wanted to help our clients raise charity funds for their favourite charity, so in 2021 we started giving our clients the opportunity to donate £100 from our fundraising pot to their chosen charity.

Please contact our Marketing Manager Emma Coleman on emma.coleman@essentialrecruitment.co.uk for more information about how your company can get involved.

Find out more about some of our client donations on our blog https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/category/blog/charity/


Modern Day Slavery Awareness

Every year our Compliance Manager Frankie & Marketing team organise an anti slavery campaign with our candidates and clients to raise awareness of Modern Day Slavery and we donate £500 to the Salvation Army to help them support victims of MDS.


Temp of the Month Competition

Every month a client from each Essential branch nominates a temporary worker who they feel deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication. We run the competition for a week on Facebook and our followers vote for their winner, winners receive a £50 voucher and a winner’s certificate! In August 2022 we reached over 23,000 people with our Temp of the Month competition!

Take a look at all of our previous winners and nominees here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/category/temp-of-the-month/


Thinktank Sessions

Our Marketing department hold a ‘Thinktank’ session every month where one Consultant from each branch joins our Marketing Manager Emma and they spend around 2 hours discussing marketing, advertising and recruitment to generate new ideas to advertise and promote your jobs. We will discuss what was implemented from the previous session and talk about what has worked and what hasn’t worked and why we think we’ve had this outcome.

These thinktanks enable us to continually generate new internal and external marketing ideas, share our successes and experiences with the whole branch network and support each other.





Would you like to know more about working in partnership with us? 

Pop some details below and a Consultant from your local branch will contact you to discuss.



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