11 Services We Provide To Our Clients

When choosing a labour provider to work in partnership with, it can be hard to know who is going to be the right fit for you

Especially if you have never used an agency before, you may be unaware of the services we can provide and unsure of what to expect. 

When working with Essential, our service is tailored to your individual needs and requirements, to ensure you have a completely personalised experience with us. We have listed 11 elements below that you can include in your service, as well as extra things you can get involved in when working in partnership with us:

Hiring of your candidate

The hiring process can be costly of your time, resources and finances, from the initial advertising of your role to placing a candidate into the position, especially if the candidate you place into the role doesn’t work out. In turn you then have to repeat the process over and over again until you find someone suitable for the role.

Our Consultants conduct the following procedures for you, ensuring the most suitable candidates are put forward for your roles:


  • Writing a professionally written advert(s)
  • Advertising the vacancy across multiple platforms 
  • Working with local job centres
  • Handling advert response
  • Shortlisting suitable candidates
  • Pre-screening
  • Right to work verification
  • Visa checking service
  • Reference checking
  • Skills testing – Numeracy and Literacy tests if required
  • Organising interview times for shortlisted candidates

At Essential we invite registered candidates in to the office for face to face interviews to assess their professionalism and verify their details, which is all free of charge to you. 

We also provide candidates with a confirmation of assignment after the registration process which covers the individual client’s sites including your policies and procedures, rules and regulations and health and safety.


This ensures your candidates are fully set up before their first day at work, in turn, ensuring they know which department to arrive in and who to report to, avoiding being lost or confused and losing productivity time.

In-house payroll and invoicing

We process the payroll for the candidates we supply, taking the extra pressure off your own accounts department. We pay candidates every Friday by PAYE.


Our accounts team will also be monitoring changes from HMRC.

Job Shadowing

Our Consultants perform job shadows of your roles to ensure they understand the requirements and environment they are recruiting for. In turn, this ensures:

  • They describe the role accurately to candidates
  • Manage the expectations of candidates
  • Understand what skills and experience you’re seeking in a candidate
  • Identify candidates who have the right attitude towards the role
  • Understand the impact of getting the role duties wrong

New Starter Check Ins

We will be onsite to check your new starter in on their first day to provide support. We will also make contact mid way through and after their shift to ensure they are settling in as expected.

Onsite Check Ins

We provide a regular onsite presence, so we can be available to address any issues that may arise onsite and build a stronger relationship with you.

Induction Assistance & Heath and Safety Training

Our Consultants assist with the candidate’s induction to ensure workers are inducted properly, minimising risk of accidents and increasing production. Our client induction program can include the following, however we can create tailored packages to accommodate your individual requirements:


  • Company history/information
  • Job details and description
  • Conduct on assignment
  • Recording of hours
  • Accident reporting procedure
  • Fire procedure
  • PPE
  • Health and Safety
  • Company rules
  • Manual handling procedure

There can be serious implications of candidates not being trained properly on Health & Safety within the workplace, this is why we ensure our candidates have been properly trained and sign documentation to confirm that they have understood the training.

24/7 Call Out Service

We may work 8-5, but we understand that the majority of our clients operate 24/7. Our 24/7 call out service is available 365 days of the year to ensure we are available for any emergencies or urgent queries. This service provides you with assistance for issues including no shows, walking off site, accidents, change in your demand for services and holiday & sickness cover.

Fully compliant with employment law

Our Compliance department ensures all candidates are compliant with Employment Law, ensuring that the candidates who are provided to fill your roles are of the right calibre and standards. We perform regular audits to ensure new clients and candidates are set up correctly. 


Our Compliance audits include:

  • Right to Work Checks
  • Modern Day Slavery Checks
  • FLT Verification Checks
  • Young Worker Checks
  • P45 Monitoring
  • Visa Expiry Checks
  • 48 Hour Worker Checks


We are members of the ALP which provides us with resources for legal support, in turn enabling us to support you with any compliance issues that may arise. We’re also licenced by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (licence number HRES0001). This ensures that as Labour providers we meet GLAA licensing standards and protect vulnerable workers who could be at risk of exploitation.

Service Reviews

Every quarter we will arrange a service review to ensure you are happy with our service and we are meeting your expectations.

We can also set up regular meetings to discuss your requirements and/or service you’re receiving – these can be weekly, bi-weeky, monthly or quarterly depending on what is most convenient for you.

KPI Reports

We work to KPI parameters personalised to you and your areas of continuous improvement.

These ensure we are constantly meeting the needs of our clients’ and keeping our clients’ updated with performance reporting.

Staff Surgeries

We hold ‘Staff Surgeries’ onsite to speak confidentially with candidates to address any queries or problems arising that may affect them in the workplace or personal life.

If you prefer to hire on a straight permanent basis, please click the link below to find out more about our services for permanent hires.

Get involved!

Modern Day Slavery Awareness

Every year, the 18th October, our Compliance & Marketing teams organise an anti slavery campaign with our candidates and clients to raise awareness of Modern Slavery and we donate money to anti-slavery charities in the UK. These have included the Salvation Army, City Hearts and Hope for Justice.

Charity Donations

Throughout the year we donate around £2500 to charities, raised by our staff through our ‘dress down Friday’s’. We also wanted to help our clients raise charity funds for their favourite charity, with the opportunity to donate £100 from our fundraising pot to their chosen charity.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Every year we take part in Mental Health Awareness Week, involving our staff, clients and candidates. Over the years we have provided different activities to promote mental wellbeing. In 2022, we created a portal on our website with useful links and resources people can use if they feel they are in need of help or guidance. We went on visits throughout the week to our clients to get them and our candidates involved.

Temp of the Month Competition

Every month a client from each Essential branch nominates a temporary worker who they feel deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication. We run the competition for a week on Facebook and our followers vote for their winner, winner’s receive a £50 voucher and a winner’s certificate! In February 2022 we reached over 15,000 people with our Temp of the Month competition!

Plus, we are an employee owned company!

But how does this benefit you?


A workforce who feel undervalued, unmotivated and unhappy lead to decreased productivity within the business, in turn affecting the smooth running of day to day operations, affecting growth within the business and not working to their optimum efficiency. Our employees will now share in the future success of the business, responsible for future growth and and development. Becoming an employee owned company means that the success and reputation of the business lies solely in the owners of business, the employees. This type of decision improves productivity and motivation within the workforce as they will reap all of the rewards from the hard work and dedication they put into the business, in turn providing you with dedicated, motivated staff to fill your roles and provide you with exceptional service. 

If you would be interested in speaking with us about how we can support you with your recruitment, please fill out the below form and we will be in touch to discuss.