5 reasons processing payroll online can benefit you


Still using paper timesheets in 2022? That’s so last year! 


Introducing Epsilon – our online payroll management platform. Timesheets can be uploaded, processed and authorised all within our online portal.

It’s completely free for our clients to use, and a designated account manager will provide training / a demo either in person, over the phone or via video call – whatever works best for you.

Here’s 5 reasons you should embrace the digital conversion…

1 – You’re in control

You can create multiple log-in’s to oversee the payroll process, so if you have temporary staff in multiple departments, each manager can access the account and input/view the timesheets for their staff.

Your account is password protected, ensuring GDPR Compliance and privacy with your temporary workers.

2 – Time Saving

You can input hours earlier than with manual timesheets. If you’re sure of the hours a candidate will work for the week, i.e. if they’re on a steady contract, you can process their hours during the week rather than waiting until the end. 

3 – Efficiency

Our online system speeds up the process because you can input numbers digitally rather than physically writing on timesheet, then scanning it and emailing us.

This service also keeps everything in one place, so there’s no endlessly searching through emails to find correspondence!


4 – Error Tracking 

All historical timesheets are logged in your account, so you can easily view previous weeks if required.

5 – Environmentally Conscious

We’re conscious of our responsibility toward the planet, so embrace any small step we can take to keep things green.

By digitising the process, we can save paper.

We’re a forward thinking company who wants to keep up with the times – if you are too, join us and convert to digital timesheets instead!