Government support to help job seekers over 50 back into work

In a recent study from the Office for National Statistics, they found that 55% of people aged between 50 – 65 years, who had quit their job at the beginning of the Covid pandemic (March 202o), had not looked for a new job since.

They’ve found that 72% of those in their 50’s would consider going back to work, with around two-thirds of them stating they would return for financial reasons.

In the recent mini budget announcement on September 23rd, the Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng stated that there will be extra support put in place for unemployed people aged over 50. This is due to economic inactivity rising in the over 50’s which is contributing to the shortages in the jobs market.


The support available is as follows…

  • £22 million of funding being invested into to the Job Centres to help people aged 50+ get back into work
  • Job seekers over 50 will be given more time and one-to-one support with work coaches in the Job Centres
  • Mid-life MOT’s available in the Job Centres, aimed towards those thinking about retirement, encouraging them to consider taking employment based on their skills and experience to boost their incomes before they enter retirement


Carole Easton, Chief Executive at the Centre for Ageing Better, said:

“Seeing DWP continue to recognise the importance of a bespoke approach to older workers is really welcome.

We know that older workers face unique challenges, such as ageism in the workplace and a possible gap in skills compared to some of their younger counterparts, so we will gladly support any tailored action that begins chip away at these significant roadblocks standing in the way of older people accessing fulfilling work.”



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