12 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire Staff Through An Agency


1. You are saving money from outsourced costs

Recruiting directly will be costing you in money and time every time you have to advertise and then re-recruit for a position if a candidate doesn’t work out. Using an agency can benefit you by saving on some costs that come with recruiting directly. At Essential we have our own in-house compliance, marketing & payroll teams, meaning there are no additional costs from outsourced services, and we can address any issues internally.

We have a marketing team dedicated to adverting your vacancies and experienced in advertising across multiple sites and job boards. This benefits your business because:

  • You are also saving money from outsourcing a marketing agency to help advertise for you
  • We have a monthly Indeed budget where we can pay to sponsor you roles at no extra cost to you, saving you spending money to sponsor your adverts yourself to reach more job seekers
  • You don’t pay a penny for your advertising until the candidate is placed with you, compared to recruiting internally where you’ll be paying for your advertising from day one
  • We own and manage 22 job groups across Facebook with over 120,000 members that we are reaching free of charge every month. So far into 2022, we’ve had 470 candidates working for us who’ve been referred from Facebook.


2. In-house Payroll and Invoicing

We process the payroll for the candidates we supply, taking the extra pressure off your own accounts department.

Read about Epsilon, our online payroll management platform and it’s benefits here:


3. Saves you the time of in-house recruiting

Recruiting can be costly of your time, from the initial advertising of your role to placing a candidate into the position, especially if the candidate you place into the role doesn’t work out. In turn you then have to repeat the process over and over again until you find someone suitable for the role.

Sources: Job Search Statistics in the UK 2022 / Glassdoor Report 2020


We perform all of the below services so you don’t have to:

  • Writing a professionally written advert(s)
  • Advertising the vacancy across multiple platforms including Indeed, CV Library, Essential Recruitment’s Website, Gov.UK, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Working with local job centres
  • Handling advert response
  • Shortlisting candidates
  • Rejecting unsuitable applications
  • Pre-screening
  • Right to work verification
  • Visa checking service
  • Reference checking
  • Skills testing – Numeracy and Literacy tests if required
  • Organising interview times for shortlisted candidates


4. Saves you the time of training your new recruits

Our Consultants assist with the candidate’s induction to ensure workers are inducted properly, minimising risk of accidents and increasing production. Our client induction program can include the following, however we can create tailored packages to accommodate your individual requirements:

  • Company history/information
  • Job details and description
  • Conduct on assignment
  • Recording of hours
  • Accident reporting procedure
  • Fire procedure
  • PPE
  • Health and Safety
  • Company rules
  • Manual handling procedure


5. Being fully compliant with employment law

Our Compliance department ensures all candidates are compliant with Employment Law, ensuring that the candidates who are provided to fill your roles are of the right calibre and standards. We perform regular audits to ensure new clients & candidates are set up correctly. We are members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation provides us with resources for legal support, in turn enabling us to support you with any compliance issues that may arise. We are also licenced by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (licence number HRESS0001). This ensures that as Labour providers we meet GLAA licensing standards and protect vulnerable workers who could be at risk of exploitation.

Our audits include:

  • Right to Work checks
  • Modern Day Slavery audit
  • FLT Verification checks
  • Young worker checks
  • P45 monitoring
  • Visa Expiry checks
  • 48 Hour worker checks
  • Manual cheque monitoring

Read more about our compliance department on our blog:


6. Recruitment expertise

Just as you are experts in your field, we are also experts are what we do – recruiting! We can help to filter through applications to find the candidates that suit the requirements you’re looking for. We interview candidates on a daily basis and are quickly able to tell which ones have the right attitude to be put forward for your roles. As we recruit across the local areas to you, we can also provide you with market knowledge of the area you’re in, giving information on competitors, the average pay rate, candidate availability and more.

At Essential, our marketing department is also experienced in advertising and marketing to gain the most exposure out of your vacancies. Read more about the services provided by our Marketing department here


7. Faster hiring process

At Essential we already have a team and resources readily available to recruit for your positions, including job board contracts in place, relationships with the local job centres and an established Facebook presence in order to advertise your vacancies.


8. We can spec in candidates to you

As well as advertising your vacancy(s) online we can also spec in candidates to you by searching for specific skills and approaching suitable candidates through Indeed, CV Library and LinkedIn. We may also have job seekers contact us or send their CV over with skills that may be of interest to you, which we would send over to you to see if you would require their skills. 


9. Pool of available candidates on our system

We often don’t need to advertise your vacancy. We have a pool of registered candidates already available on our system where we can find candidates for your roles before even advertising the vacancy on our website.


10. We are an Employee Owned Company

A huge benefit of working with Essential is that we are an employee owned company. A workforce who feel undervalued, unmotivated and unhappy lead to decreased productivity within the business, in turn affecting the smooth running of day to day operations, affecting growth within the business and not working to their optimum efficiency. Our employees will now share in the future success of the business, responsible for future growth and and development. Becoming an employee owned company means that the success and reputation of the business lies solely in the owners of business, the employees. This type of decision improves productivity and motivation within the workforce as they will reap all of the rewards from the hard work and dedication they put into the business, in turn providing you with dedicated, motivated staff to fill your roles and provide you with exceptional service.

Read more about our decision to become employee owned here:


11. We can provide additional services

We can provide additional services to you, to help support you and the staff who we supply. These can include:

  • Onsite and new starter check ins
  • Job shadows
  • Induction assistance
  • Staff surgeries
  • 24/7 call out service
  • KPI reports

Read about our services here:


12. You can try our temporary to permanent contracts

Do you always hire your staff on a permanent contract? Do you find that if they don’t work out it becomes a hassle having to re-recruit for the position?

If so, you may be interested in trying our Temporary to Permanent contracts. These contracts allow you and the candidate to see if you are suited to one another before becoming a permanent member of staff. Before offering the candidate a permanent contract, this allows you to:

  • Assess the candidate’s work ethic
  • See if the candidate fits into the team and working environment
  • Allow the candidate to see if the role suits them before they decide if they want to accept a permanent position
  • Decide when the time is right for you to offer a permanent contract

We offer a 26 week Temp to Perm period, as we feel this is a great amount of time for both candidate and client to decide if they would like to commit to a long term placement.


Read more on our blog



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