6 Ways Working With an Employee Owned Business Can Benefit You

We’ve been shouting about our Employee Ownership status – but what does that mean for prospective clients?


Here are 6 reasons your business would benefit from working in partnership with a Employee Owned business!


1 – Building long term relationships

We’re in this for the long term, and we want that to include your business too! We were founded with family values which we have held throughout our previous MBO and our current EO transition. We have many clients who have been with us since the beginning – you could be with us until the end!


2 – Knowing your money is going towards all staff / departments

Lots of recruitment agencies are heavily focused on commission, meaning the recruiter soaks up all the bonus whilst the support team (accounts, compliance, marketing etc.) don’t see a penny. As all of our Employee Owners take a profit share, we all benefit from our relationship with your business.


3 – We pass on our happiness to our candidates

We love our jobs, and without our candidates we wouldn’t have a job – or a company! We love building relationships with our candidates and getting the best for them.


4 – Your contact won’t be changing every week

The recruitment industry does tend to have a high turnover – You don’t want your account in the hands of a new person each week! EO companies have less turnover than average, meaning you can work with someone who deeply understands your business.


5 – High service levels

We don’t want to go backwards – we want to prove we can run this business better than ever before! This means there’s no chance our service levels can slip – we’re focused on being the best!


6 – Innovation and growth

We want our business to succeed and support us in our futures, so we’re always looking at ways to innovate and grow. Our Marketing department sees a new trend emerging? We’re on it! Our Compliance team hears rumours of new legislation? We’re researching! Our Consultants are struggling for response for a vacancy? They call a quick meeting with several other Employee Owners and find a solution together!


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