Temp of the Month – May 2019

Congratulations to Laurie, our Temp of the Month winner for May!
VOTES: 148
Branch: Barnsley
Nominee: Laurie

Nomination Statement: “Laurie has worked for us since January. She always does short notice shifts and has not had any time off. She always asks for extra hours and is keen to get stuck in”




Runners up:

Branch: Mansfield
Nominee: Trevor Harris
Nomination statements:
“I was actually only discussing Trevor with one of his managers this morning. When I asked how he was getting on he said that he was doing really well and also commented on what a nice bloke he is. With his work effort and his excellent time keeping I would say 100% put him forward for this.
He comes to work, causes no issues what so ever, gets on with the job and is pleasant throughout” – Manager.

“He is reliable, has a positive attitude, always on time, flexible, eventually he will be a good asset to us”. – Manager



Branch: Burton
Nominee: Darren
Nomination statements:

Grahame Walker (ops manager):
“Since Darren started at Kenyon Road Haulage he has hit the ground running. He has never been late, never had a day off and is always looking for a new challenge. I knew after his 1st week that he would be a perfect fit for the team so I quickly phoned Ben from Essential and asked what I need to do to take Darren on permanently. Long may his hard work continue.”

Darren Cole (candidate)
“So grateful for the opportunity presented to myself by both Kenyon and Essential Recruitment. The team are great, the management are very well organised and supportive and care about their employees. I have loved working at Kenyon since the day I started and cant see that changing at all. Fantastic company to work for and I cant wait to be a permanent member of the team”

Ben Winson (Recruitment Consultant)
“Darren is a hard working, reliable individual who has worked on a couple of contracts for Essential Recruitment. I have never had any complaints only positive feedback from previous and current employees and long may this continue. Well done Darren and keep up the hard work. “

Branch: Ripley
Nominee: Chanelle Paterson
Nomination statement: “I would like to nominate Chanelle Paterson for ‘temp of the month’. She is always happy and brings a breath of fresh air to every department she works in. She is a fast learner and never questions anything that is asked of her.”

Branch: Ripley
Nominee: Ashley Hargreaves (pictured, right)

Nomination statement: “Since starting he has trained on the Ridge Roll machine and picked it up well. He always goes that extra mile to help others when needed. He Is always flexible and adaptable to different workloads.

I thinks he has a great future here at Manthorpe.”

Branch: Ripley
Nominee: Florin Batas
Nomination statement: “From us here at Essential, Florin is always available short notice to help cover extra shifts when other people let us down – he’s got a good attitude and his attendance it great.”

Branch: Long Eaton
Nominee: Emma Mcclaughlin
Nomination statement: “Emma is an extremely hard worker, working for us as an Administrator. She always turns up to work with a smile on her face and has made a great impression for the company she works for”.

Branch: Worksop
Nominee: Cameron
Nomination Statement: “Cameron has been working for us for 6 months nearly, he has never had a day off and has proven himself a loyal member of the team. Cameron has found his feet and now works in his own area. ”

Branch: Ripley
Nominee: Jake Brown
Nomination statement: ” I would like to nominate Jake Brown, he has recently been asked to help support chasing the whip through on our priority parts within the facility. Carl has been championing Jake with this task, he has produced spreadsheets to visually show where the whip is and the bottlenecks that are hindering the flow. This has been a great help in trying to unblock the flow to deliver on customer weekly commitments. It has at times taken him out of his comfort zone, but he has risen to the challenge, and is still supporting this on a daily basis.”

Branch: Chesterfield
Nominee: Thomas Pashley
Nomination statement: “Thomas has not had a sick day nor absence since he started with our client 9 weeks ago. He has shown great potential and the managers have expressed how they see progression for him within the company! Well done Thomas”