Temp of the Month – October 2019


Congratulations to Kate Bull from Chesterfield, our Temp of the Month for October!

Branch: Chesterfield
Nominee: Kate Bull
Nomination statement: “Kate is hard working, conscientious and a great addition to the Wera Team. She brings a great work ethic and enthusiasm to her role here and we are looking forward to seeing her progression within the Wera Tool Rebel family.” – Client

Runners up:

Branch: Ripley
Nominee: Daniel Walker
Nomination statement: “I would like to nominate Daniel Walker for temp of the month. On Wednesday 24/7/19 Daniel helped me run line M a man down. He packed and fed the table while I capped. Whenever I left the capper he would step in and do it then catch the packing up. When the line stopped he labelled boxes and was positive all night. He did all that was required and more!” – Client

Branch: Burton
Nominee: Corey
Nomination Statement: “Since registering with Essential, Corey has been great to work with, he is a very reliable and punctual individual candidate who has never let us down.” – Essential Consultant
“Since joining, Corey has fit in really well with the team we have in place. Corey has come in and has hit the ground running and has fit in really well, we will be looking at taking him on permanently over the next few weeks”- Client

Branch: Rotherham
Nominee: Katazyna
Nomination statement: “Katazyna has fit into the team so well that they see her as one of their own. They were delighted when she was nominated for TOTM that the company asked for pictures so that they could circulate them internally as well. Katazyna has been great o work with and has picked up the role with relative ease”