Temp of the Month – November 2019


Congratulations to our Temp of the Month winner for November – Nikoloas from Barnsley!

Branch: Barnsley
Nominee: Nikolaos
Nomination Statement:
“Nikolaos did a fantastic job in the jet wash room on Tuesday. The standards have to be very high in that room as that is where all the big equipment is cleaned and Nikolaos only had to be shown once what to do on each piece of kit, which helped my Hygiene Operative enormously!! He has also been nominated by 3 other shift managers as well” – Client

Runners up:

Nominee: Nicola
Nomination statement: Nicola has worked for our client for a few months now, she has outstanding attendance and the client says nothing but nice things about her. She has picked the job up brilliantly!

Branch: Worksop
Nominee: Mark
Nomination statement: “I have chosen to nominate Mark due to him being one of the most reliable temporary workers we have, he never fails to miss a day and will always do what’s asked of him.
He is currently working with a client who have had a team leader leave, and since then Mark has stepped up to help run the team and we have had GREAT feedback from the client!” – Lucy, Essential Consultant