You do what…?!

Ever wondered what weird and wonderful jobs are out there ? In this post from Reddit, users explain the roles you’ve probably never heard of. We’ve collected 12 of the oddest ones found!

I start on Friday as a Standardized Patient. Essentially, med students practice their bedside manner on me.
I’m a Channel Manager at a YouTube Network. I basically get paid to watch and maintain YouTube channels all day. My job didn’t exist when I was in college.
For work I get to break into hospitals and steal things. It’s referred to as a “Physical Penetration Test.” I routinely pick locks, steal access badges, impersonate medical personnel, harvest data and credentials, crack passwords, and utilize various social engineering tactics.

I am responsible for breaking toys and write reports about them how they break.

There is a guy in the company I work for whose sole job is to dream up patents. That patents don’t even have to do with the company or the industry we work in. He could patent something like a method for tethering the moon to the earth with a giant rope. His job is to dream.

I make people do a shot of screech, kiss a cod fish and say funny thing, my official job title is “screecher-inner”. Its a tourism job for the province of Newfoundland and I do it everyday over the summer, twice a day. Its a tradition here for welcoming people to the island and is basically the best job ever.

Not me, but my aunt is one of the leaders of the ski patrol at Breckenridge ski mountain in Colorado. One of her many jobs there is to fly around in helicopters and throw dynamite out the window in order to set off avalanches before someone does it accidentally

I go to various retirement homes pretending to be looking for one for my mother in law. I’m given tours and have to write reports as well as make recorded phone calls. I’m sent in by head offices so that they can find any problems in the homes.

There are things in the world that could happen and cause civilizations to flip upside down. I write those plans for people to follow to prevent things from [happening]. Emergency Management woo

I maintain hiking trails in our national forests. I camp out for 8 days at a time, with 6 day weekends. While out camping, I clear downed trees from the trails with chainsaws, crosscut saws, build bridges, retaining walls, drain water off the trail, fix rock/land slides, cut down large trees, etc. I hike most everywhere with my crew, although we use horses and mules to carry out camping equipment. Some places require us to ride ATVs and dirtbikes, while other places are only accessible by jetboat or airplane.


I make pig feed, they aren’t just fed corn. A lot of science involved. Their diets change almost monthly with the weather so we are constantly changing the nutrients we give them.

I bounce on a pogo stick in a clown outfit.