Why would you choose another agency?

Let’s set the scene:
You’re the HR manager for a manufacturing company, and you use a ton of temporary staff because workloads can change, shift requirements fluctuate, and there is a high turnover rate. The phone rings, and it’s Essential – we’re asking if you use agency staff. You instantly recognise that it’s a sales call, and feel you have all the answers. You reel off these excuses in a confident manner just as you always do.

“My agency provides cheaper rates”
We’re always competitive with our rates, you won’t find fairer than us! We’re privately owned and funded, meaning there’s nothing in our way…

“Our current agency provides better staff”
You probably know as well as we do, that candidates join multiple agencies, job seekers apply for vacancies put out by multiple agencies, and all 5 agencies in the town of X will no doubt screen the same people. So what’s the difference? It’s all about the screening. We won’t send over candidates that don’t tick all the boxes – if we’re not happy with them, you won’t be either. We’re here to save you time after all!

“My friend Barry works there”
You may say ‘better the devil you know’ but have you heard ‘don’t diss it until you’ve tried it?’
Similarly to point 5, you’ll never know what you could have until you’ve taken a step in the right direction. We’re sure Barry won’t mind…

“They’re only down the road”
We love to be local, and our branches work within their own surroundings. We might not be as close as your current agency, but that doesn’t mean our candidates aren’t. We will send you the most suitable candidates, all of who will be able to travel to their place of work on time.

“We’ve always used this agency and never had a problem, so why change?”
Just because you’ve never had a problem doesn’t mean that you’ve got the best deal around. For example, you might have always gone to your local shop for your lunch and it does the job. Today you receive a menu for another sandwich shop which has been recommended by all of the locals. It sounds amazing, you’d give it a go right?

Now if you’re wishing you’d have handled that last call differently, or are now sitting by the phone waiting – save yourself and call your local branch! 😉