Why should you hire staff on a temporary to permanent contract?

Temp to perm contracts can offer great benefits to you and your candidates!

Temp to perm contracts are the most popular type of contract that we support our clients with, continually growing in popularity with over 1,300 of our candidates gaining permanent contracts between Jan 2021 to Dec 2022.

What is a temp to perm contract?

Temp to perm contracts are where a candidate is employed as a temporary employee for a 26 week period (our standard) before you offer a permanent contract to them.

What is the benefit to you?

Hiring on a temp to perm contract, rather than a straight permanent contract, can help you to assess the following before offering a contract:



  • The candidate’s work ethic and commitment to the role
  • If the candidate fits into the team and working environment
  • It gives you to flexibility to decide when the time is right for you to offer a permanent contract
  • Decreases the number of new permanent hires who could leave after their first few weeks/months after deciding the role isn’t right for them
  • Helps you to save on the cost and time that comes with replacing a permanent member of staff if they turn out to not be the right fit 
  • It helps you to avoid the hassle it takes to replace your workforce, as you can be more certain that your new hire will be likely to stay long term
What's the benefit to the candidate?
  • Allows the candidate to see if the role suits them before they decide if they want to accept a permanent position
  • It gives the candidate time to settle into the company before accepting a permanent contract
  • It allows the candidate to get to know their colleagues and working environment before accepting a permanent contract
  • It gives them the chance to see if they feel you are suited to one another before committing long term
  • They aren’t tied into the the position from day 1, so if the job isn’t the right fit for them, they are not bound into a permanent contract
  • They allow the candidate to try a new role or gain some work experience in a new industry before committing to the role permanently

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in discussing further, please contact us to find out about our temp to perm placements. We can help to supply you with staff for Industrial and/or Commercial placements, please add your details into the below form and a Consultant from your local Essential branch will be in touch. 

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