Why does it benefit you to work with more than one agency?

More support = Less stress

Even if you’re experiencing a good service from your current labour provider, what could you also benefit from by having another agency on hand? 

The support of another agency takes the pressure off you and your current labour provider and provides you with additional peace of mind.


A second agency could support you with:

  1. Last minute backfills
  2. Increases in demand for your services
  3. Expansion of your site or business
  4. Having access to more available candidates at short notice

  5. Receiving services that your current agency doesn’t offer


Unforeseen circumstances can always arise, and we never know when we might need to reach out for some extra support.

Plus, you could be missing out on good candidates who are registered with other agencies.

What services may you be missing out on?

Different agencies offer different types and levels of service. For example, here are some of the services we provide to support our clients, that aren’t offered by all agencies:


24/7 Support

To ensure you can reach out for support when emergencies arise, we provide a 24/7 call out service, so you can speak to us outside of our office opening hours. We understand that a lot of our clients operate 24/7 and we will be there for you day and night. 


Inhouse Marketing Support

To source the right candidates for your vacancies, our inhouse marketing team will provide ongoing support at no extra cost to you! The team will focus on maximising the exposure of your advert across job boards and social media, as well as using different tactics and strategies to attract the right calibre of applicants to your role. 


Job Shadowing

To make sure we completely understand the role and environment within your business, your Account Manager will arrange to come and perform the role themselves. This will help us to describe the role accurately to applicants, manage the expectations of the applicants, understand what skills and experience the role requires and understand the impact to your business of getting the role duties wrong. In turn, this helps us to put forward a better calibre of candidates to join your company. 


Induction Assistance

To give you extra peace of mind that the workers we supply are inducted properly, we will assist in the candidate’s induction and health & safety training. This will also benefit you by helping to minimise the risks of accidents in the workplace, increase the production of the workers and saves you needing to take existing staff away from their duties to induct the new starters.


Inhouse Payroll 

To take the pressure off your own accounts department, we process the payroll for the candidates we supply. 


New Starter Check Ins

To support you and your candidate on their first day, we will be onsite to check in your new starter. To make sure they are settling in as expected we will be in touch mid way through and after their shift to gain some feedback. 


Staff Surgeries

If you feel there may be any problems arising in the workplace, we can conduct confidential chats with our workers to check their wellbeing in their work and personal life, in case any issues are affecting them and their work. 

Companies choosing to hire a temporary workforce is growing, 

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