What got us here may not get us there! [NEWS]

We have grown significantly over the last few years (we have almost exactly doubled in size in the last five years!). With growth comes the need for change, not for the sake of it but to accommodate the needs of the business and to ensure that we have the fundamentals needed to continue the success for all to share.


‘What got us here may not get us there’!


To help facilitate the needs of the business for the next few years we felt that we needed to change our structure slightly. In 2019 we will have a new position within the business, Senior Branch Manager. This role will create a step in the business that will assist others to grow in their career whilst giving us additional resource to strengthen and prepare the business for continued growth.


Belinda Henshaw (previously Mansfield Branch Manager) and Rob Wilson  (previously Chesterfield Branch Manager) will be the first to take up the new role.


Belinda and Rob will be responsible for the development of not just the financials but also the team development of Mansfield (including our Sutton Hub) and Long Eaton, and Chesterfield and Rotherham respectively. In addition they will be on hand for operational support for projects such as new office openings, contract support, training and trouble shooting.

Both Belinda and Rob have been invaluable with specific projects during 2018. They have been in their respective roles for some time and relish the challenge of utilising their knowledge in a wider arena and developing their own personal skills whilst engaging in new experiences.


This slight tweak in our business will provide what our business needs both now and in the future, and that it demonstrates that as our business grows, our employee’s roles can grow within it.