Welcome to the team: Will Haselgrove

We’ve just welcomed a new face into our Burton office – Will!

He’s fresh into the world of recruitment but ready to make an impact. Read our interview with him below to find out more!



Hi Will! How did you come to find your new role? 

“Fresh out of university I wanted to get into recruitment as I believed it would suit my character, so therefore I looked around at local agencies and businesses. I found Essential on Indeed and decided to apply. After gaining an interview I did some research into the company, loved what I saw and realised I really wanted the job!”


So, what does your new role involve?

“My main duties so far are dealing with potential temporary workers as well as clients. I go through the mail box, calling those who have applied for jobs, helping them with registrations and finding suitable roles for them, then checking on them to make sure they are enjoying their job. In addition, I converse with clients, making sure they have everything they need and all the temporary workers are settling in.”


What did you do before coming to Essential?

“During University I did a wide range of bar work, from small pubs to cocktail bars. I always enjoyed bar work but the late hours and constant weekends made it very unsociable.”


And what do you do when you’re not working?

I have many hobbies. These range from physical activity at the gym, to watching football, spending time cooking and experimenting with food. I like a busy weekend socialising but also love a quiet night in watching a film.”


How have you felt so far into your journey?

“Since joining Essential I have felt very welcomed and supported. I have learned so much, so quickly but never felt overwhelmed. Everyone has been very helpful and friendly so I would definitely recommend Essential. My favourite part so far has been meeting candidates, finding more out about them, and then finding the perfect job for them!”


Finally, what do you think you are bringing to Essential? 

“Everyone brings something different to a job. Personally, I believe that I bring a mixture of passion and hard work to the job. I find I excel in fields I am passionate about and so far I am really enjoying recruitment, so therefore in the long term hope to do well in the industry. In addition, I feel I am very good with people, which is crucial in recruitment as it dominates your day to day.”


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