Welcome to the team: Ivan Cannon


Just before Christmas we welcomed a new face into our Worksop office – Ivan!

It’s been difficult to pin him down until now, and he’s been busy travelling around South Yorkshire meeting with potential new clients. We managed to grab him and grill him quickly before he rushed off again – so, meet Ivan


What made you apply for the role at Essential Recruitment? 

“For years I have seen and heard about the work Essential do, I noticed that there was opportunities in the Worksop office so picked up the phone and spoke to Sam.”


Tell us a bit about your current role. What are your main duties? What are you responsible for?

“My role is almost a hybrid BDM/Recruiter, I am rolling my sleeves up and canvassing the whole of Doncaster, I am out knocking on doors at least 3 times a week, introducing myself to the clients of Doncaster and spreading the word about the great work we do and how we can be a brilliant agency partner.”


Let’s talk about your past work experience. What did you do before joining Essential?

“10 years in Recruitment; I worked up from trainee consultant to business manager. Before recruitment I have been a Client Relationship Manager and a Prison Officer”


Would you recommend others to join Essential? If so, why? What parts of the job do you enjoy the most?

“Culture and the team, I have the sense that everyone is as important as each other. The team you are in is so important as you all work together to get the job done. People drive a business and I must say my experience so far is that we have some great people.”


What do you think you bring to the team?

“Ginger hair and an aversion to sunlight! Jokes aside I think I bring a good level of experience and industry knowhow, I understand a lot when it comes to the way a business runs and how to be profitable.”


Tell us about about your personal life – what do you do for fun?

“Spending time with my crackers child Norah, she’s 9. Attempting to peel her off her tablet and get her out roaming the countryside! Watching sports, spending time with friends when we can… this adulting life is hard… and playing cricket when the weather permits. I have played for the same team for 23 years.”


You can contact Ivan by calling him on 01909 478 800 or connecting with him on LinkedIn here: click