Website revamp proves to be a huge success!

Advertising our client’s vacancies is a sizable part of what we do here at Essential Recruitment – we need to work hard to attract the candidates, and it’s a full time job! We’ve decided to revamp our job listings in order to make them more attractive, interesting and more visually appealing, by rethinking the application process and making a few tweaks:

  • Renamed navigation buttons (done)
  • Edited appearance of vacancies in listings (Work in Progress)
  • Creating post-application landing pages (Estimated for completion at the end of February 2015)

After just one weekend we’ve already seen results!

  • Almost 12% decrease in bounce rate
  • 3% increase in pageviews
  • 24% increase in pages visited
  • 52% increase in time spent on our website

If you’re struggling to find the right candidates for your roles, advertise with Essential Recruitment for free! We’ll do all the hard work, including writing and posting your advert, dealing with response, screening and interviewing. PLUS: You don’t pay a penny until you’ve found the perfect candidate! Find your local branch here: Contact Us