The highs and lows of staff management..

We all have good and bad days! Here’s just a few stories from temps old and new that we’d like to share..

Yesterday, our Ripley team greeted a man who’d only gone and mistaken us for his local off license…

Chesterfield dealt with a man who’d taken a few days off sick due to the death of his grandma. Soon after, another grandma died, and so he took leave once more. Over the next few months, two more grandmas passed away, hence more time taken off work. Given the benefit of the doubt, his shifts were filled and everything continued as normal. Our consultant decided to get into friendly conversation about his family, discovering his parents still lived together (meaning only two sets of grandparents must exist) and that they were both living in nearby villages. Our consultant responded ‘They’re not dead, then?’
His expression? Priceless.
A pair of hardworking temps have been nicknamed ‘Leeroy’. Yep, that’s Lee and Roy. The inseperable pair won joint temp of the month a few months ago, and continue to work hard!
One Yorkshire woman is performing at 120% – meaning she’s actually working hard enough to decrease staff requirements! Amazing stuff.
One man rang in complaining that he was out of work, all because he missed a shift. Why did he miss his shift? I wish I’d never asked… it went something along the lines of:
‘I was driving down the motorway and crashed into a post when pulled over by a copper. He’s done me for having a bit of alcohol in my breath but I only had a few cos I was on my way to pick my daughter up! and now I’ve got no job!’
Bear in mind the actually call lasted around 15 minutes, this is a much shortened version!
There’s always more where this came from!