The Essential League – Week 36 Updates/Week 37 Info



On this week’s news column for Tom Sport…


This. Is. IT!



The final day is upon us…
It’s been a long long long journey.
From day 1 back in August, the 5th – 7th.
When Haaland was but a wee Norwegian lad…
When Chloe was the bookies favourite to win this league…
When Natalie was not one to be absolutely feared of…



This was the first ever league table:


Nawww, look how much we have all grown.
How adorable.


The deadline to choose your team for judgement day is…



(I say judgement day…we all know who’s finishing where basically)



Highest scoring players this week (GW37):


Most transferred in players for the final week (as of now):



Congratulations to the top performer this week…
It’s only the side of the ship himself, Nathan!
With a clean and crisp 84 points!



Nathan has not only impressed for clients based in Rotherham, he’s caught the eye of Rotherham United Football Club!
The manager got in contact with me, saying he’s been working warehouse and production jobs in secret for clients Nathan has been managing.
They’ve offered him one fat contract as well!
Good luck Nathan!



Here’s how the league stands going into the final week…



Let’s all finish on a high! Good luck people!


Use them chips if you haven’t already, even if you won’t catch up – Just for shits and giggles right


See you Tuesday for the finale!


Tom Willimett