Temp of the Month – August 2023

Congratulations to our August Temp of the Month winner Lewis!

Lewis beat the competition with an amazing 135 votes! Well done Lewis, it was great to see so much support behind your nomination, you’re doing a great job and you should be really proud of yourself!

Name: Lewis

Branch: Barnsley


Nomination Statement:

“I would like to nominate Lewis as temp of the month. His contract was originally agreed as a temp position but from the get go, Lewis has shown nothing but great potential, outstanding work ethic and a genuine thrive for success. For that reason, he is now working towards gaining his permanent contract with the business! We are thrilled at how well he has settled in, it feels like he’s always been a part of the team – well done Lewis, keep up the great work!” – Barnsley Office

A big well done to all of our nominees - you're all doing an amazing job and we are so thankful for all of your hard work!

Name: Declan

Branch: Barnsley


Nomination Statement:

“Declan has worked for us for the last 3 months starting out with no previous production experience.

He has been an absolute superstar. He is willing to do anything that is asked of him no questions asked.

He recently jumped on the production line with someone who has worked for the company for 15 years and was able to not only keep up but charge ahead.

The client has remarked that he has a bright future ahead of him with their company and they couldn’t run their factory as well without him there to drive production.

Well done Declan!” – Barnsley Office

Name: Paul

Branch: Ilkeston


Nomination Statement:

“We have nominated Paul for temp of the month because since starting with us he has never been ill, he remains consistent with his work ethic and he is always adaptable to any task that is requested of him.” – Client Statement

Name: Nelson

Branch: Worksop


Nomination Statement:

“We would like to nominate Nelson as he is a very pleasant person to work with, he is reliable, doesn’t stop working and always keeps his work area tidy.” – Client Statement 

Name: Maieda

Branch: Burton


Nomination Statements:

“Maieda has really shown interest on all that we assign her to do and is always asking questions to further her knowledge and pick up on the procedure that we follow in the night shift, great at team work and positivity.” – Shift Leader

“Maieda is an extremely hard worker and she always shows up to work with an amazing work attitude. She is very helpful and just gets on with the work she is asked to do. We have not had any issues from her at all and her attendance is fantastic. The feedback from the company is that she is amazing and is always happy to gain further knowledge to develop her skills. Very well deserved nomination. Keep up the good work!” – Burton Office 

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