Red flags you’re showing in your applications

Need some advice on why you may not be hearing back from recruiters/employers when you’re applying for a job.

You may be making one or more of these 7 mistakes…

1. You've worked too many short term placements

Did you know that having too many jobs on your CV can be just as off putting as not having any?

Most employers are looking for individuals to join their team on a long term basis. Job hopping can give the impression of a lack of commitment or not being able to hold down a job.

If you have a genuine reason for frequent short term placements, i.e. working ad hoc shifts/placements through an agency, state this on your application to avoid employers getting the wrong impression.

2. You're applying for anything

If you are applying for multiple jobs with the same company or agency it comes across like you’re just applying for anything and you’re not actually interested in a specific role and you’re not tailoring your applications to specific roles (see point 6). 

One mistake people tend to make when they’re applying for lots of different types of jobs is that you’re not meeting the specific skills/experience requirements for the positions and recruiters are just going to assume that you’re not reading the job adverts properly before applying. 

If you’re unsure about the type of work that would be suited to you, we would advise contacting the agency/employer directly and discussing the different positions to see what would be best suited to you.

3. Submitting poorly written applications

Submitting an application that has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes can give the impression that you’re not willing to make effort. 

4. Using an unprofessional email address

Using an inappropriate email as a form of contact is very off putting and doesn’t portray you in a professional manner. 

77% of recruiters see typos or poor grammar as dealbreakers, and 35% feel the same about unprofessional email addresses

(Source: Careerbuilder)

76% is the amount of CVs rejected because of an unprofessional email address, and it takes 1 spelling or grammar mistake for your CV to be binned

(Source: The Retail Appointment)

5. Unexplained gaps in your employment

If you submit an application without addressing why there are large gaps in your employment history, it can raise concerns about your reliability and work ethic.

If you have genuine reasons for being out of work for long periods of time i.e. parental duties, long term illness, carer responsibilities for a relative, stating this in your application will help the employer to understand your circumstances. 

6. Not tailoring your application to the role

Employers generally receive a high volume of applications per vacancy, and they don’t have the time to sit and read each application in detail. Most recruiters will skim read through CV’s to pick out key skills and experience that relate to the job you’re hiring for.

If you don’t tailor your application to the specific job, and use a generic CV for every job you apply for it gives the impression that you’re not that interested.

Tailoring your application is the one thing that will make you stand out. Read through the job advert and highlight the key skills/characteristics/experience the recruiter is looking for and include examples of when you have shown these skills/characteristics/experience in work situations.

If your application gives the impression that no effort has been made, it gives the impression that if they hired you you wouldn’t provide the level of effort to the role that they are looking for.

Remember that your application is the recruiters first impression of you, what person do you want to relay to the recruiter?

7. Failing to follow application instructions

Failure to follow or ignoring specific application instructions provided by the employer, i.e. submitting an application without a cover letter, even though the employer has requested that one is needed to apply, shows a lack of care and enthusiasm for the position. 

Aside from specific skills and experience, there are common personal characteristics that all employers/recruiters are looking for in someone. If you’re not showing proof of any of these in your application, you will struggle to progress beyond the application stage:

  • Being reliable 
  • Showing dedication
  • Showing commitment

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