Question Time with: Tom Willimett

It’s Tom’s 2 year anniversary and we thought it would be a great idea to get to to know him better, so we asked him some weird and wacky questions…


1 – If you had to breed two animals to make a new national defence, which two animals would you choose?

A tough choice, but I would go for the head of a hippo, with the body of a hawk.

First off, the hippo head is pretty self-explanatory; it could do some proper damage to almost any human, animal, or even machinery! Those big chompers will get the job done.

The hawk body, well, that’s only used for the wings. Once the hippo head has done its thing, it’s off back into the air without a trace. No one is catching the Hippo-Hawk!


2 – If you had to take a shower, with either a family of frogs or an ostrich, which would you shower with?

Well let me just say first that those two animals are the ones that freak me out the most. But as this shower is something I must do, then I shall decide. I think I would have to pick the family of frogs – I could at least nudge them out of the way with my feet. Now the Ostrich, that’s going to be taking up valuable space in the bath. I want to be rinsing the shampoo off my hair, and the Ostrich is going to be there pecking at my face! Can’t be having that.


3 – We work in recruitment, and you have to pick 5 celebrities to work in a warehouse, which 5 would you choose?

Jeez I have absolutely no idea who I would want to work for me. First people I can think of were Bob Mortimer, Roger Federer, and David Mitchell.

Bob Mortimer – He’s just incredibly entertaining. What he lacks in productivity, he will make up for in comedic genius.

Roger Federer – If someone needs a parcel from the other side of the warehouse, he can serve up an ace and smash it right to them with his racket. Also, he’s an absolute gentleman, so will deffo be a good worker.

David Mitchell – I feel like he could get the other workers around him to be more productive, due to him moaning about the latest technology the warehouse has to use. Maybe I could let them leave an hour earlier because David has bored them to death and they want to leave on time.


4 – Make a sandwich with fillings only beginning with the letter ‘W’

Wow. Right, okay, I can’t really think of anything to be fair.

Wet ham, or wafer thin ham to be fair. Wotsits, and Wensleydale cheese. I challenge anyone to try and think of their own sandwich fillings beginning with W!