Question Time with: Louise McCallum

It’s Louise’s 9 year anniversary and we thought it would be a great idea to get to to know her better, so we asked her some weird and wacky questions…


1 – If you were the manager of a football club, who would you choose as your two assistant managers?

Being a Newcastle Fan, one of them would definitely have to be Alan Shearer, as he is just a pure legend!!! And also my son would never forgive me if I didn’t include him.

And the other pick has to be David Beckham. Just for the pure fact that he is fit and just gets better with age!!!!

Other than appearance reasons, of course between them they would have great knowledge and experience of playing football.


2 – What did you fear the most as a child, and why?

Birds!!! And I still hate anything that flaps. The reason being is when I was younger we had a budgie and one time it was out of his cage, and it ended up flying into my long hair and got tangled in it. I had to have my haircut because of it and the budgie died not long after…not because of the hair.


3 – Your child tells you that there is an old man at the front door, and as you look to see, there is no old man there…what do you do?

I wouldn`t do much to be honest. I would totally expect something like this from my son anyway, so I would probably just say ‘Are you having a laugh?’ to him!


4 – What social experiment would you love to try the most?

I would love to try going back in time and test out living life in different decades. To see exactly what life was like in those periods, and to also see which I would prefer to be in personally. I would like to be able to compare what life as it is now, to life throughout the past thousands and thousands of decades.