Pushing forward unproductive staff

Do you have a member of staff that is under performing, carrying out tasks slowly or lacking motivation? You may have tried to rectify the situation by disciplining the individual, only to find they rebel. A hated boss will not receive respect from their workers, and in turn have only a slow, unmotivated workforce to contend with. So what is the plan?

Talk to the individual. 

Rather than asking if they are unhappy, ask if they feel they could suggest anything which would improve working conditions.

For example: Some may feel they lack structure, and therefore a re-briefing of their job description could help, alongside goals and targets which they can work towards.

Others may be unhappy with shift patterns, and therefore may request a change. If  this is at all possible, you will most likely find that the worker is much happier and more productive. In addition,  you will receive the respect of this member of staff due to the fact you have been accommodating.

There are of course, hundreds of reasons why the worker could be unhappy, and thus why it is so important to give them the chance to speak about it without any leading questions.

Plan, reward and appreciate.

As mentioned before, structure is important for most people. Plan as much as possible so that the individual feels secure and confident in their role. You can plan goals and rewards, even if this is only in the form of verbal appreciation. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!

Assess yourself.

If your staff are under performing, could it be anything to do with yourself? Take a look at your management style, and imagine how you’d feel if you were your own employee. Would you change anything?