Money you can make on the side, today!

Working in the recruitment industry we are often met with those with low income, struggling to make ends meet. Numerous candidates walk in to the office moments after losing their previous jobs, scared to go a day without grafting to put dinner on the table – could this type of living hand-to-mouth be bringing the community together with the trades bustle of the past?

Greek food sharing website Cookisto is bringing Athens together. The page offers a hub where at-home cooks can sell off their excess meals to those who want a cheap alternative to a takeaway. “It’s not all about the money,” she says. “I feel we are pulling together in the [Greek economic]crisis. Many students are struggling to make ends meet. I’ve been there… fed up of eating bread and takeaways. It’s nice I can provide them with food their mothers would cook and for very little.” – Marilena Zachou, Amateur Chief.
 The site is soon to move to London. 
A similar site, Casserole Club, is live in Tower Hamlets, Reigate & Banstead and Barne. Signing up helps the site to expand.

Another trend taking Britain by storm is DIY. The hobby grew with the recession, causing creative types to provide solutions for things like gifts at Christmas and Birthdays, decorations for the home and even coming up with craft based businesses, amongst many other things. Places in the US have taken this one step further by creating community workshops, paid for and ran for by it’s members, the club supports a supply of materials, tools and machinery (including 3D printers and laser cutters).
“You get access to your own personal research lab for the cost of a bad coffee addiction,” says TechShop chief executive Mark Hatch.

The notion of being able to support yourself with low overheads and start-up costs will appeal to many of those insecure within their current position – especially temporary workers. There are many, many more examples of these types of businesses – which ones do you participate in?