Mental Health in the Workplace

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According to the Government’s Department of Health, one in four people will suffer with their Mental Health at some point. This includes our emotional, psychological and social well being – affecting how we think, feel and act.

The way we handle stress, relate to others and make choices can all change depending on the state of our mental health.

Most people’s mental health will not just be continuously good. Usually it will rise and fall depending on pressures and/or experiences in their life. A person may therefore feel in good mental health generally but also experience stress or anxiety from time to time.

Studies show that sufferers are:

62% slower at performing tasks

37% more likely to get into conflict with colleagues

50% are potentially less patient with customers / clients

We recently implemented a new help system for our employees via Health Assured.
All of our internal staff members have access to well – being services including physical & mental health, health and fitness advice, financial advice and more.

We understand that sometimes people need someone to speak to that isn’t their line manager or colleague.
We hope that this small step is the beginning or a larger movement in aid of supporting our staff’s well-being.