Local triumph for 400 Chesterfield workers

Local triumph for 400 Chesterfield workers


Tesco’s Barlborough distribution centre yesterday announced that it would no longer be commencing with its September closure as formerly planned, meaning the 200 workers who have not yet found alternative work have been offered the chance to continue on their current terms.

The reason for their last minute decision change? A spokesperson stated ‘We have reviewed our non-food operation and found a way of keeping our Chesterfield distribution centre open as a general merchandise centre.’ Chesterfield MP, Tony Perkins, stated he had wrote to Tesco, highlighting the importance of the distribution in the area and congratulating the hard workers of Chesterfield.

Tesco confirmed there are 210 employees still working at the Barlborough site, 90 others have chosen to leave early and another 40 have moved within the business already. Workers had options to relocate to either Reading or Dagenham to be able to stay with the company, or take up a redundancy (which they are still entitled to). Many ex-Tesco workers had registered interest with our Chesterfield branch prior to this news.

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