Keeping it consistant

With the attention that supermarket giant Tesco has drawn regarding the origins of their meat, seeds of doubt are sown into the air and causing other companies to be under skepticism.

The real problem is that customers aren’t getting what they’ve paid for, and that riles them. If Tesco sell British pork, they expect that pork to be British. If you bought a bottle of milk, you’d be pretty surprised if it was full of lemonade – you may be quite partial to lemonade, but it’s not what you paid for and it isn’t what you expected.

It’s a valuable lesson, albeit somewhat obvious. You have to provide the service/product promised to the customer, or you’ll lose them – it’s as simple as that! With fierce competition is almost every industry, it’s worth taking the extra care to ensure you’re supplying what you think you are.

The best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to strip back to your business basics. What exactly is it you offer? Taking our business as the example. Our values are:

Care To create and promote a company that cares for the welfare of clients and candidates alike

Passion                        We are passionate about our service and the positive reputation that follows

Excellence                    Our goal is to consistently achieve excellence in all that we do

Professionalism              We commit to always conducting ourselves in a professional, ethical and fair manner

Ambition                      To achieve our full potential by embracing new challenges supporting each other and creating
a thriving and enjoyable workplace

When carrying out a task, use your values as a checklist. Are we caring for our candidates and clients? Are we passionate about what we do? Are we hitting our goals and targets? You get the idea.

Every industry is different, but you can no doubt take a little inspiration. Go back to basics, and make sure you’re delivering what you set out to.