How can we help your internal recruiters?

Not looking to partner with an agency as you have your own internal recruiting department?

There are still many ways you could benefit by having extra support from an agency, who is providing extra support to your internal recruiters.

Here’s are some points to consider…

We can save your internal recruiters so much time!

We can take care of all of the below so your internal recruiters don’t have to:

  • Writing a professional advert
  • Advertising your vacancy and sourcing candidates across multiple platforms
  • Handling all advert response
  • Shortlisting the most suitable candidates to your brief 
  • Pre-screening the applicants to ensure they are of the right calibre
  • Completing compliance audits to ensure they have right to work within the UK, in date & accredited FLT licences, modern slavery checks to ensure they are working at their own free will and so much more!
  • Reference checking the applicants to ensure one last check of suitability to your vacancy 
  • Sending suitable candidate profiles over to you so you only need to spend time of pre-screened, compliance and reference checked applicants
  • We can also use our CV searching facilities to spec in higher skilled candidates to you
  • We may have suitable candidates already on our system that can fill your role before it even needs to be posted online
  • Arranging interview times with the applicant on your behalf  
WORTH £20! (1)
You benefit from an experienced marketing team sourcing the right calibre of candidates for your roles
  • You are boosting the productivity of finding the right candidate for your role by increasing the team of people prioritising your vacancy
  • You have a dedicated team of marketers focused on gaining maximum exposure of your vacancy to job seekers
  • You can utilise the job board contracts we already have set up and we can sponsor your vacancy to be one of the top results on an Indeed search at no extra cost to you
  • You can take advantage of our Facebook presence of 200,000+ members across our job groups that we reach for free!
  • You also benefit from the advantages we have by owning our own groups, including rejecting similar vacancies to yours, scheduling content to be posted outside of office working hours and pinning your vacancy in a group so it’s the first thing that people see when they enter the group
  • Not sure if you’re competitive enough in the market? We can generate hiring/labour market reports to share market information with you so you can see how you are competing against similar roles in the jobs market (and it doesn’t cost you a thing!) 
We increased applications from the right calibre of candidate by 167% for one of our clients simply by changing our marketing strategy by one key factor!
To conclude...
We send candidate profiles over to you

We can source candidates for your role through CV searching, approaching suitable candidates on job boards and LinkedIn & filtering through applications to reject unsuitable candidates and put forward the most suitable applications.

The power is still in your hands

You then decide which candidate profiles you would like to proceed to interview with, saving the time and hassle of filtering suitable applicants yourself.

Let us do the arranging too

We will then arrange the interview times between you and the candidate and once you’ve provided feedback we will inform the candidate whether their interview was successful.

Take advantage of our expertise of recruiting within your industry

If you’re open to discussing another option to recruit, that takes the stress and pressure off your internal staff, please add your details into the below form and a Consultant from your local branch will be in touch.

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