Essential’s November Do: November 2023

Last weekend we partied until (very) early hours at the CASA Hotel in Chesterfield for our annual get together!

We started the evening with a very refined 3 course meal, and ended it with tequila shots… but that was always going to happen!


As always, we hosted our annual award ceremony, starting with our long service awards: 


5 Year Club: Victoria Willey, Dana Humphreys and Kayleigh Dodsworth.

10 Year Club: Paula Askew, Samantha Erdem and Emma Coleman.

Next up, our special recognitions. These people were nominated for special awards based on their performance over the past year and beyond. 


Now we can’t be all nice without a little bit of spice! We also had our joke awards, the “Noscars” (that’s NOT an Oscar!”) we won’t embarrass the by explaining exactly why they were nominated for these awards… 

After the formalities, it was straight to celebrating! Another amazing night with team Essential (as you will see!). 

We’re all buzzing and already talking about our 2024 do. 

Until then, enjoy these photos!

Do you want to come and have fun with us next year? You can! See all of our current vacancies here.