Clumber Park 2017



On 7th-9th July 2017, the annual Essential teambuilding weekend took place!

This year we visited Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire, where we stayed at the Clumber Park Hotel, and took part in a range of activities at the nearby Adrenaline Jungle. 


The Daytime Activites:

On Saturday morning we drowsily convened at Adrenaline Jungle, luckily just a short drive from our hotel and not too much hassle for those of our party that took advantage of the free bar the night before..

After suiting up into our camo gear, we split into teams and took on the activities!



Throughout the day we:  Rode segways through the forest,  tackled an assault course, drove 4×4’s blindfolded, took out colleagues in laser tag, and went off-roading in 4×4’s!

See all of the photos here (some real corkers!)

The Evening Entertainment: 

After our tiring day, many of us returned to our hotel rooms to groom in preparation for our evening meal, whilst the others took advantage of the open bar!

We sat down to a delicious 3 course meal, but as our dessert was served, something quite unexpected happened!

Three Russian waiters wanted to show us their singing skills, and proceeded to serenade our directors!


Of course, this entertainment had been secretly organised. These men were neither waiters nor Russian! It was however a fantastic experience for everyone in the room.

After the songs, it was time for our Awards ceremony (the waiters were a hard act to follow, but I think we managed it!)

Similarly to last year, we gave both serious and humorous awards.

Our Special Recognition awards went to…














Lisa Sprowell, Compliance Manager

This award was for Lisa’s hard work and determination in setting up our new CRM and ensuring we remain legal & compliant in all aspects of our reruitment.


Danielle Halveston and Emma Woodcock, Senior Consultants.

This award was for client servicing and helping the Long Eaton branch to grow. They both work perfectly alongside each other and make the foundations of a perfect team!










Lisa Hadfield, Training and Development Director

This award was down to a popular vote – Lisa was nominated by multiple members of the company for the brilliant job she’s doing in training and developing our staff.










Meg Evans, Recruitment Resourcer

This award was for Meg’s success in growing as an individual, flourishing in the role in a short time, and helping to run one the biggest branch’s biggest clients.










Our Ripley branch – Lauren Starns, Beth Wragg and Frankie Mawson (also Shannon Beer and Paula Askew – not present)

This award was for remaining a strong branch despite a changing team and demanding workload.

We then moved on to the Noscars! (NOT the Oscars…)

We have some big personalities within the company (it is recruitment after all!) and some of them can’t help but make you laugh. Each year we’re picking out the qualities that make our staff individual…



Curt Walker, Senior Recruitment Consultant
For his extensive knowledge of the local eateries…

Curt will order breakfast and lunch, give information from any menu within a 10 mile radius, and then compain he’s skint…











Danielle Halveston, Recruitment Consultant
For her severe lack of memory!


Danielle has forgotten when and where her driving lessons were, when she passed her test she forgot where she left her car, and the branch now have a 10s countdown after she leaves the office.. before she comes back to pick up paperwork, shoes etc.











Robert Wilson, Branch Manager

For his ability to get away from the misfortunes he experiences

Rob threw away Marc’s (MD) salad in the bin, thinking it was his… but got a laugh out of it… he had his car stolen, but found it outside our accountants house…  Rob’s kitchen roof even fell in on his new house… but a few days later he cashed a large cheque that he forgot he was due.











Summer Caunt, Recruitment Consultant

For her forward-ness… and not stopping to think!

On her first day she said to our BD Director “wow you’ve got big crows feet!”











Yasmin Revill, Recruitment Consultant

For our shock that she owns a car!

She’s cut accross roundabouts, driven a smoking car between branches, and even had to stop to charge her phone at a hairdressers because she was lost…



Why do we do this?

We organise this summer event in place of a Christmas party. (However most branches do still organise these independently)
We’ve found that they’re much loved by our staff, create a real buzz and help everyone to put a face to a name.

It’s more than teambuilding. It’s a chance to let our hair down, have fun and celebrate our success.

See you next year!





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