Case Study: A personalised approach to overcome a client’s problems with a previous supplier

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One of our client's decided to turn to Essential as they were experiencing the following issues with their previous supplier:
  • Poor communication from their previous agency
  • A poor quality of candidates supplied
  • A lack of a proactive approach 
  • Candidates unaware of the position prior to their first shift
We met with the client to establish the solutions needed to overcome the above problems. This resulted in:

1. Performing a job shadow of their role to gain a full understanding of their requirements. 

A job shadow enables us to:

  • Describe the role accurately to candidates
  • Manage the expectations of candidates
  • Understand what skills and experience you’re seeking in a candidate
  • Identify candidates who have the right attitude towards the role
  • Understand the impact of getting the role duties wrong

2. Applying a bespoke pre-screening process to ensure the right candidates are selected.

We can tailor our interviewing process to suit the exact requirements you are looking for in an applicant. We can achieve this by asking the right questions and delving into their work history to make sure they have the correct skills and work ethic required for your position.

These two factors allowed us to recruit a suitable pool of candidates who were fully informed of the position prior to starting.

3. They have access to our 24/7 contact service


This service helped to ensure we are always contactable any time, day or night, for any emergencies or urgent queries. You can contact us for problems surrounding changes in demand for your services, absences, accidents on site and more, and we can deal with the issue straight away.

4. We implemented our structured quarterly service review meetings.


This ensured we are continually tracking our progress and meeting the client’s expectations, reviewing the outcomes of the changes we’ve made and planning how we’ll continue to focus on continuous improvement. 

What was the result?
  • A stable workforce providing increased peace of mind
  • Improvement of candidate reliability with the average timesheet value of 40 hours
  • Regular positive service reviews to ensure service levels are maintained
  • Continuous improvement to ensure we keep moving forward together 
  • An deep understanding of their business and peak time of the year, enabling us to provide a proactive approach 
  • A happy and valued client!

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