A day in the life of – Yasmin Revill

Yasmin is a Recruitment Consultant at our Worksop office and has been with the company for 2 years. Yasmin’s a little crazy and prone to drunken injuries… but at work she’s well driven and is often found knee deep in bookings and interviews!

Yasmin’s Friday morning starts like every other morning, by getting rudely interrupted at 6:30am by her alarm. Before she knows it she’s fallen back to sleep and actually wakes up at 7:15am (so now she has 15 minutes to get ready and leave)  she manages to get out the house at 7:35am then it’s a mad dash to work.

Yasmin trots into the office at 7:50am. All the other ladies are already in (probably because they’re more organised than her), and Yasmin is welcomed to the sound of the on-call phone ringing, the kettle boiling and Angelika ranting about last night.

8am strikes and Yasmin’s day officially begins – she firstly checks in with all her clients making sure everyone has turned up to work, if they haven’t she calls them to find out why. After, she compiles a list of what needs to be done for the day (it’s never the same in Recruitment so normally this doesn’t go to plan).

The clock hits 8:30am and the Worksop team have their morning meeting, to go over what happened on the previous day, positions that need to be filled, Yasmin’s new favourite word “Document” and most importantly the teams breakfast order…

Boom, 9:30am comes around and Yasmin goes for her weekly visit with one of her clients. She briefs them on what will be happening the following week, goes over everyone’s progress and discusses plans for the weekend, reminding her of the time she was drunkenly talking to a man from Glasgow and said to him “I love a Irish accent”… not her brightest moment.

10:30am – Yasmin arrives back at the office to a hectic period of interviews and inductions. The waiting room is full to the brim and Yasmin’s desk is now being used for filling in application packs. All these interviews reminds her of her interview to join Essential. Sat with Branch Manager Rob, discussing branches that already exist and potential opportunities. When all of a sudden Yasmin hears someone mention Dubai… “A branch in Dubai? How do you recruit for that?” Derby Yasmin. We have a branch in Derby….

The team have a visitor… One of the candidates who’s now got a permanent contract has bought them flowers and chocolates! How sweet, one of the many perks of working at Essential…

As it’s coming towards the end of the year and almost Christmas, Yasmin goes out to treat some of her workers to lunch, isn’t she a sweetheart!? Shame she isn’t like this in branch!

After lunch she hits the road to Doncaster for another weekly visit and a catch up will all the workers and clients she services.

The trip to Doncaster reminds her of the time she was working in Barnsley for the morning, when she parked her car on the road and then forgot where it was… later she found it exactly where she left it (believe it or not), but then to get lost on the way back, ending up in Doncaster with no idea where she was, no directions and no charge on her phone. What could she do? Obviously the logical solution…  she went to the local hairdressers and asked to charge her phone!

By the time she gets back to the office it’s around 3:30pm and from now until 5pm it’s a mad rush to confirm the new candidates they have working and sort out the admin work that’s needs to be completed. Remember that check list she made? Well it’s time for it to come into effect as it got left until last…

4.55pm and Yasmin wishes all the workers a great weekend and to make sure they are up bright and early for work on Monday! OR ELSE…

Once that task is done, Yasmin thinks about her weekend, dreaming about drinks, friends, family and the time she was smashed at 3am coming back from a night out and got ran over – Only Yasmin could manage this! (don’t worry, she’s fine…)

It’s now 6pm and they’re still in the office… tasks are ticked off until everything is up to date and they’re ready to leave.

Yasmin arrives home for 6.30pm, dinner ready, feet up – well until her mates offer her a night out, with the prospect of a good running over at 3am….