3 Reasons why you benefit from an agency advertising your vacancies

Boost the productivity of finding candidates for your roles

Why not take advantage of utilising more people and resources to source candidates for your roles?

When working with Essential, not only will your dedicated Account Manager be sourcing suitable candidates with help from their branch Consultants but you also get ongoing support from our in-house marketing team!


We go the extra mile to ensure we’re gaining maximum exposure on your vacancies, as well as an online advert, there are also many other ways we help to find candidates for your roles:

  1. We can utilise the Essential Recruitment Website to create banners across the homepage, write blog posts about your roles and create client pages
  2. We contact pre-registered candidates on our database directly by email or text to let them know about our available roles
  3. We set up weekly meetings with the local job centres and attend local recruitment fairs
  4. We offer a refer a friend scheme to our working candidates where they can refer family & friends to us and we reward them with vouchers
  5. We go leafleting around local areas, handing out flyers to people and posting them on lampposts, bus stops etc.
  6. We can place banners outside or local to your site to let any passers by know that we are recruiting for positions

Increase the number of job seekers you reach

At Essential, we advertise across multiple platforms including our website, job boards and social media.


“Most job-seekers use multiple online sites in their search to widen their jobs pool, with an average of 5 sites visited when looking for available opportunities (Source: StandOutCV – Job Search Statistics in the UK, January 2022)


We own and manage 28 job groups on Facebook, across the Midlands and Yorkshire, with over 180,000 members that we are reaching free of charge every month. How is this also a benefit to you?

  1. We are in control of what content is published within our groups to prevent losing candidates to similar roles
  2. We can schedule content to be published outside of our office working hours including evenings and weekends
  3. We can create featured cover photos and pinned posts for your vacancies so they are the first things that people see when they enter the group


Why should a strong social media presence be important to you?

“Generally, 79% of job seekers use social media (including LinkedIn) at some point for their search. This goes up to 86% when you only look at Generation Z (those aged 18-24)” (Source: StandOutCV – Job Search Statistics in the UK, January 2022)

Take advantage of our services at no extra cost to you

Need some extra exposure on your vacancies?

Lucky for you we have an allocated advertising budget for Facebook and Indeed where can sponsor your vacancies and reach even more job seekers at no extra cost to you. Did you know that 63% of job hunters use Indeed to search for new jobs?

We also already have contracts set up with job boards which includes CV searching facilities, meaning you don’t need to set these up yourself!

If you’ve been finding it more difficult to fill a specific role, our marketing team can provide new ideas to advertise your vacancy, which includes our Creative Artworker Tom visiting your site and filming video content to promote your roles, and it doesn’t cost you a thing! We can focus on your site and operations, the facilities, the job role and testimonials from current employees.

One of our client’s experienced up to a 500% increase in applications after we used video marketing to advertise for their roles. Why could this be?

“96% of people use video to learn more about a product or service” (Source: thesocialshepherd – Aug 2022)


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