Why that last status could leave you jobless.

Do you hate your job? Hate your boss? Hate your colleagues? Hate where you work? Tweet about it?

No matter how small the company you work for, it’s never wise to publicly slate them over social media. Many companies now have social media accounts of their own, and will ‘listen’ as part of their marketing management. This means that they will be tracking keywords related to their business, including the business name. If you say something like ‘Essential Recruitment is the best agency to work for’ we’d see it 😉
Some firms may also choose to track employees, investigate potential candidates or just find you whilst performing a location based search. How careful have you been?
How to social-proof yourself.
1.Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see!
2.If you can’t help yourself, protect your tweets. Tutorial Here
3. Change your Facebook privacy settings. How to.
4. Google yourself. Check anything undesirable connected with both your full name and your email address. This can be quite amusing if you’ve been using the internet for a few years…
5. If you’re feeling particularly extreme, here’s an article on how to delete yourself from the internet.
Another topic worth mentioning is storing your CV online. If you’re looking for work whilst already in employment, don’t register on databases which allow CV searching, as if your company decides to recruit for a position similar to yours, they’ll find you. Easymatcher.com is one job site that doesn’t allow recruiters access to your CV or any of your details unless you apply for one of their positions.