What to do when you’ve done it all (and still unemployed!)

You’ve followed all the tips, got all the right qualifications and experiences, practiced all the questions, bought the right clothes and said the right things – but you’re still not getting anywhere with your job search. You’re probably ready to give up by now, feeling like this process is just totally hopeless – right? Wrong.

Ask for feedback.
When thanking the interviewer for their time after hearing the final decision, politely ask if it is at all possible to have a little feedback on what you could have improved on, or what you did wrong. It could be something you were completely oblivious to, or it could be nothing at all (e.g. you did nothing wrong, but your competition did everything completely right). Either way, it could definitely provide an insight.
Get networking. Yes you’ve probably seen this tip before, but have you really implemented it? The people you know can affect the frequency of opportunities, or help to get your foot in the door when applying for a job. Try sites like Linked In – Add everyone you’ve worked with, went to school with, family and friends. Endorse them, interact with them and make them happy to have you as a contact. When they begin to react with your posts, your profile will appear on their profile and be visible to their connections, giving you a bigger reach. What you post should be carefully thought about, and make you –at a glace- available, contactable and eager to work.
What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Utilise it. It’s never too late to start your own business, and it could take you to a place you never dreamed of before. If you’re great at an instrument, why not start selling lessons? If you have a talent that could potentially earn you money, why not spend your spare time utilising those skills?  These can be done part time during your job search, but could slowly take over and become full time. You never know until you try!

Monitor the attitude.
Do you think that a string of rejection letters could cause a person to act like a failure? What sets a confident person aside from the rest? Body language, mood, and general attitude are absolutely crucial to the first-impression making process. Treat every interview like your first! No matter where it is or who is interviewing you, make all the same effort as you did in the beginning.
Join an agency
(of course – you didn’t think we’d leave this one out?!). If you’re about to suffer from a serious job search burn out, you should you really get yourself down to your local recruitment office.  Not only is it our most fundamental service to fill vacancies, we also know the people in the right places, so can forward your details if we see fit. You really do have nothing to lose!
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