Science with Essential: An Anatomy of a Job Advert.

An Anatomy of a Job Advert.

Applications for skilled roles require a methodical approach in order to ensure best chances of success. We’re going to look at a breakdown of the areas you should direct your attention to, and how you should use them to make a winning application.

Below is an advert for a Recruitment Consultant in our Long Eaton branch.



















Green = who THEY are.

Blue= who they want YOU to be.

Purple = what skills YOU should demonstrate

Yellow=What they expect from YOU.


We’ll start with the green – the introduction to the company. It is important you know about the company before you apply for a job there. Many applicants are rushed for time, or trying to cram as many applications as possible into one day. Whilst in theory, the more applications you make, the more chance you’ll have of getting a job, it is not really true. The better quality  your application, the better chance you’ll have.

The first highlighted piece of text is ‘industrial’. This is basic information on the industry you’ll be working in, and you should bear this in mind whilst reading the rest of description. How much do you know already about the industrial sector? Research if you’re not sure, rather that simply discarding the vacancy.

Secondly in green we have the company’s selling points. It is an insight to the company culture and a way for you to see what kind of people you’d be working with. Really pay attention to these small insights – you spend over 40 hours a week in your workplace, so you need to make sure you’re happy! Just have a think about what these comments mean for the role in question.

The Blue points highlight what skills you should have to be the right candidate. Can you honestly say that these points apply to you? If so, does your CV back this up?

In Purple, the duties which you are required to perform. Again, does you CV back up your ability to do these? Can you demonstrate experience?


Hopefully this anatomy of a job advert will help you craft your next application in to a sure winner! It should also highlight the importance of taking the time with your job application to make sure that you’re as right for the company as the company is right for you. Good luck!

Lastly, yellow shows what is required of you in order to finish the application. A great CV and covering letter is great, but these extra steps ensure that you’ve put effort in to the application.  In your covering letter, something along the lines of ‘From my research on the recruitment industry, I feel that this is the right career path for me’ will show you’ve read and carried out the request. Also, something such as ‘Your company Facebook page gives an insight to an attractive company culture’ will show that you’ve researched the company, not just the industry.
 Note: Please don’t say those things if they’re not true! They are merely examples.