How to maximise your work potential

Do you remember the enthusiasm you had on your first day at work? The genuine interest in learning new skills and interacting with new people? Somewhere along the line the excitement wears off and the job becomes part of your daily routine. How do you get back that first-day feeling?

Always be on the lookout for opportunities.
It might be learning a new skill, attending a networking, using a new machine, trying out new software etc – anything that could improve your CV will not only give you increased job satisfaction (let’s face it, the more experienced you are in your field, the better it feels!) it will also help when/if you are looking for a career change.
Show your worth.
Do you think you could be doing more than you are? Don’t be afraid to ask for a heavier workload, or a rise in complexity. Some people thrive off a challenge, and are equally de-motivated by a lack of work. If this is you, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be greeted with positivity!
Record your progress. If you’re in a position to track your success, make sure you do. If you can show improvements in the company that are you’re working for, such as percentage increase and profits, new clients etc then try to demonstrate this through a graph/chart. It could prove handy in many situations, as well as help you keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t.
Banish worries.
If there’s something making you unproductive, worried or resentful about your job, then aim to abolish this as soon as possible. If it could be easily rectified by speaking to a manager, then do it. If you continue to work with a bad attitude, it could seriously affect productivity.
Keep dreams alive.
Unless you’re working in your dream job, it’s likely that you’re still going to have aspirations for the future. However, if you’ve been in your current job for a while, the dream may start to fade. Don’t let it! Keep it in mind and let it help you be the positive, well dressed, productive worker you are! 😉Be that guy (or girl!)
Are you the generous one, the IT whiz, the wisdom sponge? Making yourself indispensable to the team can add a ton of value to you as a person – and who doesn’t love being appreciated?  A happy worker is a productive worker.

Do you have any other ideas, perhaps from past experiences? Let us know in the comment box below..

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