Do you really know what recruitment agencies are?

I’ve seen it many times. The job seeker is looking for work online using a job board, and sees a few things that catch their eye. They know they’re going to need to apply for quite a few vacancies, so they open the ones they’re interested in pursuing in a new tab in their browser and continue scrolling through the vacancies.

When they’re reached the end of the vacancies in their area, they’ll work through the tabs they’ve opened. They will close a few instantly – too far away, too little pay, it’s through an agency, you’re under-qualified etc.

Wait, it’s through an agency??

The unknown can be a little unnerving, worrying and perhaps just too complicated to be bothered with. Does this sound like you? It was me once. I didn’t know what an agency was and it seemed like it wouldn’t be a ‘real’ job. I wanted to be an employee in my own right, apply for a ‘normal’ job where I apply directly to the company.

Why? I don’t know why. It just seemed like the normal thing to do.

I can tell you now, after knowing what I know and working in the recruitment industry, that the ideas and notions I had of agencies were absurd! When working through an agency you are by no means any ‘less’ of an employee, and the employer will not see you as less capable then another candidate. Perhaps the best way to explain the situation, is to explain why we advertise these jobs in the first place.

Recruitment agencies work for businesses – we recruit on their behalf in order to save them the hassle of doing in themselves. Businesses outsource many things, including payroll, stationary, advertising, web design… the list goes on, and it certainly includes recruitment agencies! We’re a middle man, and we just deal with the technicals. You’ll still be working for the company and have all the opportunities you would normally have.

What about Temporary Work? I just want a full time job…

The opportunity to undertake temporary contracts is something that recruitment agencies are great at. It’s not a 0 hour contract, but it’s not a full time job. You could be offered the chance to work odd shifts for a busy client, or work full time for an ongoing period (perhaps when a client is unsure how long they’ll need the worker for, or when they would rather us control the payroll side of things).
Whilst you may be looking for something permanent, we both know that it’s a tough market out there. Temping helps you in a number of ways:

– Improves your CV with additional work experience and skills
– Fills in gaps in employment and demonstrates a great work ethic
– Provides an income whilst you’re out of work
– Gives the chance to try new things
– Provides opportunities for the client to take you permanently.
and more.

So next time you see a job advertised by a recruitment agency, don’t shy away – embrace it! We’ll actually help you rather than hinder you.

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Happy job hunting!