How do I book holidays?

How can I find out how many holidays I have accrued?

Your holiday pay is calculated on your standard earnings over an average 12 week period prior to your holidays being taken. Overtime is not included in your holiday accrual.

If you have any queries regarding your holiday entitlement please contact us.

How do I book a holiday?

Our general rule is as follows: you give us the same amount of notice as you wish to take as holiday e.g. 1 days’ notice for 1 day’s holiday.

To book the holiday, contact your local branch.

How many holidays am I entitled to?

For every week’s work you complete, you will accrue approximately 0.6 days holiday (depending on the number of hours you work). The maximum holiday entitlement for 1 year is 28 days, which includes all statutory Bank Holidays.

Your holiday year begins on your first day of work and ends on the first anniversary of that year.

Holiday entitlement must be used within that holiday year and cannot be carried over. You will not usually be notified that you need to book off your holidays – you should monitor this yourself.