Temp of the Month – February 2022

Congratulations to our February Temp of the Month winner Diane!

Diane won with an amazing 156 likes! Read her nomination statement below:

“Diane has been nominated because she is always on time, always offers to work weekends and just genuinely lights up the room when you are around her. She also brings me cakes and sweets!”



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A big well done to all of our runners up, thank you for being such great representatives of Essential!


Name: Michael

Branch: Barnsley

Nomination Statement: “Myself, Summer and the Essential Team would like to personality thank Michael Bailey for his hard work, dedication and commitment during working for ourselves. Michael currently works a full time job as well as picking up extra shifts on his days off as well as weekends, his work ethic and attitude if phenomenal. The dedication Michael has shown throughout the last year hasn’t gone un-noticed and nobody deserves the recognition more. Well done Michael, you’re a true role model to others and an absolute credit to any business.”

You can see all of our Barnsley office vacancies here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/barnsley/


Name: Maria

Branch: Chesterfield

Nomination Statement: “Maria has been a pleasure to work with from the moment she started. Great work ethic and very keen to learn. She has taken to her role extremely easily, learning all but one machine in this short time. She has fit into the team as if she was here from day one. Maria has an amazing personality making her very easy to get on with, she doesn’t moan about anything but what I like the most is that if she has a question, she doesn’t shy from asking!”

Take a look at jobs with our Chesterfield office here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/chesterfield/


Name: Viktorija

Branch: Rotherham

Nomination Statement: “Viktorija has worked through Essential at Taylors Eye Witness for 6 weeks, she has 100% attendance and is always on time for work. She has been nominated for temp of the month due to her hard work.”

Head over to our Facebook page to listen to a recent review from Viktorija about her experience with Essential so far https://www.facebook.com/essentialrecruitment/videos/450083193569916/

Take a look at jobs with our Rotherham office here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/rotherham/


Name: Lewis

Branch: Ripley

Nomination Statement: “Lewis arrives on time every day without fail and works hard. He brightens up the place with his comedic personality and the banter that he dishes out. It’s a pleasure to have him here at HSC!”

Take a look at our Ripley office’s vacancies here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/ripley/


Name: Patricia

Branch: Ripley

Nomination Statement: “At Matthew Walker we have nominated Trish as she steps in as Line Leader, we wouldn’t be able to run the lines if it wasn’t for Trish!”

Take a look at our Ripley office’s vacancies here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/ripley/


Name: Trevor

Branch: Worksop

Nomination Statement: “We would like to put Trevor forward for temp of the month, who works for us at CPL Distribution. CPL have nominated Trevor as he is reliable, dependable and a good member of the team. Trevor is always a pleasure to speak to on the phone, he is always so polite and never has a bad word to say!”

See CPL Distribution’s current vacancies here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/company/cpl/

Take a look at our Worksop office’s vacancies here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/worksop/


Names: Amy and Chris Treece (Mother & Daughter)

Branch: Burton

Nomination statement: “Chris & Amy Treece have worked for Essential on and off for around 2 years and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Since walking through our doors, they have worked on various assignments for us and we always receive great feedback from whatever client they have worked with. The client often asks if they are available for work again. Thank you for all your hard work Chris & Amy and this nomination is well deserved!”

Search vacancies with our Burton office here https://www.essentialrecruitment.co.uk/branch/burton/





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