Question Time with: Megan Evans

It’s our Meg’s 7 year anniversary! Megan has grown so much over her 7 years with Essential, starting out brand new to the recruitment world, with a shy personality to running some of the biggest contracts in the branch! She was worked her way up to Senior Consultant through her hard work and dedication to the role and we really hope Meg is around for many more years!


1 – If you were the manager of a football club, who would you choose as your two assistant managers?

Maya Jama – This choice is just so the opposition will have all their attention on her so they will get distracted. Win, win.

Alex Ferguson – You need a bit of ball knowledge and experience on your side, so he might be a good pick.


2 – What did you fear the most as a child, and why?

Do you remember the mascots that used to come out at birthday parties?

I used to run away and cry at parties when the mascots would run at you! This mascot that terrified me the most was a bear.


3 – Pick a fictional character or real person that you would love to have a 7 day camping retreat with – No phones, internet or access to the outside world

Bear Grylls first of all so that I would actually be able to survive, however Liam Gallagher just for the entertainment value.


4 – If you could start any kind of society dedicated to any topic or subject, what would you like to start?

A society where people are only allowed to support Chesterfield FC haha! No other team allowed!


5 – You’re offered the position of mayor of your city, what’s the first 3 rules / introductions that you will implement?

  • More help for ex-army to get them back into real life
  • Better access to mental health services with trained mental health volunteers around the country
  • Unlimited free child care for people currently in work