Question Time with: Grace Hammond

It’s Grace’s 9 year anniversary! Here’s 4 weird and wonderful questions for you to get to know her better…


1 – If you could start any kind of society dedicated to any topic or subject, what would you like to start?

Cheese. Why? Because it’s delicious. It would be a dedication to rare cheeses. We don’t know those said cheeses yet, but we would quest out to find those cheeses.

I can’t have Wallace because he scares me. Jimmy Anderson the cricketer would be my first invite, phwoar, and also Rob Beckett, but maybe Andy Murray. He’s just misunderstood, and I like him. He’s funny, dry and a bit sexy. I would also probably have Alison Hammond, but with recent events maybe not, so it would have to be Adele. She would be a right laugh. But just realizing, I want to bring along Philomena Cunk from Cunk on Earth, so that’s goodbye to Rob Beckett, he can leave.


2 – Pick a fictional character or real person that you would love to have a 7 day camping retreat with – No phones, internet or access to the outside world

Villanelle from Killing Eve, because it would never be boring. I want to ask her about all her adventures, I want her to teach me how to stalk prey, and hunt. If she could teach me how to pickpocket, that would be great. We could have a nicely stocked lodge with food, we could make some lovely dinners together, and I can tell her about my society – “Hey do you know I run a secret cheese society?”.


3 – You’re offered the position of mayor of your city, what’s the first 3 rules / your introductions that you will implement?

I would first off change the necklace that I would wear. Make it much bigger and be able to morph into a cape.

I would introduce a bank holiday for MY birthday only, because I am the mayor and I am important.

But to make my final rule wholesome, I would introduce a 1 day a year rule where every child can walk or play with the dogs from the RSPCA centre, which means a day off school and all, along with a McDonald’s lunch. Other fast food chains are available.


4 – What did you fear the most as a child, and why?

It would definitely have to be Wallace and Gromit. Wallace absolutely terrified me as a child.

The whole concept of the show I didn’t like. I really didn’t like The Wrong Trousers – the penguin and the actual robotic trousers freaked me out, although these days I love penguins so he’s redeemed himself, but not Wallace. If he wants to redeem himself, I need to go and tell the director in person that everyone in the series looks like a murderer, and the whole concept is a bit dark. None of them look savoury. If West Wallaby street was a real place, nobody would go. He would probably say “It’s not about you Grace, there’s the door…”.