Question Time with: Frankie Patton

We are celebrating a whole 14 years of Frankie at Essential! Frankie has had quite the journey with Essential since 2009, and we’re excited for many more years to come!

Here’s 5 completely random questions we’ve asked Frankie so you can get to know her better…


1 – If you could start any kind of society dedicated to any topic or subject, what would you like to start?

I would like to start a society that is dedicated just to stopping toddlers, and asking the question – ‘Why?’. A child not answering or speaking is better than ‘Why?’ 20 times a day!


2 – Pick a fictional character or real person that you would love to have a 7 day camping retreat with – No phones, internet or access to the outside world

Tori Amos, Love Her. Always have, always will! No matter how much I’m bullied or ridiculed.

(I did have to mention to Frankie that I had to Google ‘Tori Amos’ – Frankie’s response was, “Most people have to, don’t worry!”)


3 – You’re offered the position of mayor of your city, what’s the first 3 rules / your introductions that you will implement?

  1. 4 day working week, 3 day weekends!
  2. Free Childcare!
  3. Make Halloween a national bank holiday, because I love it! Do Mayors have that power or just the King? My city, my rules MOFO’s!


4 – What did you fear the most as a child, and why?

Sharks! – Watched Jaws when I was way too young, and threw up. I’m still terrified to this day. In real life, I wouldn’t need saving from the sharks anyway, as I’m not stupid enough to go into the sea further than waist height.


5 – You are told that to aid you in your job role, you can hire only one animal, what would you pick and why?

I’ve heard that Guinea Pigs can sniff out the lack of ‘Right to work’, so it would have to be a pair of those (They don’t deserve to be alone in life)