Question Time with: Emma Coleman

We are celebrating 10 years with Emma at Essential!! So, what better way to get to know her more with some fun questions…


1 – Pick a fictional character or real person that you would love to have a 7 day camping retreat with – No phones, internet or access to the outside world

Leonardo DiCaprio. I am 100% confident. Because he is gorgeous and charming. I have seen Leo fight a bear, and win. Totally real life footage of him fighting a bear! He would bring laughter, and if I started to lose it, I feel like he could give me some good therapy. He’s very resourceful. He managed to save Rose by using a door!


2 – What did you fear the most as a child, and why?

Probably the same as what I fear now – spiders and the dark. Spiders in the dark are just the worst! There was a stage where I was scared of zombies but I’m kind of over that now. I think I’ve just spent a lot of time thinking about how I could get away from them. I’m not fast, but I’m smarter. Plus I can drive so I could just drive away.


3 – Every time you walk into any room, there is one song that always plays, what song is it?

That’s a hard question. Maybe I would love it when I just opened the door, it would just go “NAAAAAAANTS INGONYAMAAAAA!”, and everyone in the room is just praising me. There’s just a random elephant in the corner, someone holds up their baby. Everyone knows that song so they’ll all love it!


4 – You are tasked with creating the next innovative mode of transport, what would you create?

So we want something to be fast and efficient. We need to utilize the skies more, or underground. So I’ve got two ideas. I’ve always had this fantasy that we’ll have the ability to shrink things. I’ll have my car, but I can shrink it into a little capsule and pop it in my pocket. Keep it as a little keyring on my keys! And every time I want to drive, I just throw it and POOF! I have my car back!

Either that, or a series of underground tunnels controlled by Moles. Super speedy moles.